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When: Thursday, 30 November 2017, 10:45 - 11:30
Where: Poster Area


Experimental modeling of gravity base foundation for offshore wind

Javier Sarmiento
Researcher, University of Cantabria

Counting instead of stopping. The 3% annual productivity battle

Michał Przybycin
entrepreneur, EMPEKO S.A.

Case study: Comparison of two nacelle mounted LiDAR technologies for a wind turbine yaw misalignment analysis.

Alix Pradel
Due Diligence Engineer, UL DEWI

Offshore wind operations and maintenance logistics: Practical implementation and government LCoE studies

Thomas Poulsen
Managing Partner, Renewable Energy Solutions

Roussas-Claves wind farm optimisation through rotor balancing

Bruno Pinto
R&D and Data analysis manager, Sereema

The art of seeing the unseen; wind turbine performance analysis using unconventional matrices

Anish Paul
Engineer, Mytrah Energy India Pvt Ltd

Management of Offshore Transmission Owner (OFTO) systems – Practical considerations and lessons learned

Alistair Parlett
HIgh Voltage Systems Manager, Natural Power

Wind farm layout -cost of energy optimisation

Zachary Parker
Optimisation Engineer, Nordex Energy GmbH

Overcoming operational challenges in large power transformers for offshore platforms

Pablo Pacheco
Shell Transformer Product Manager, ABB

Platform negative damping, blade root and tower base bending moment reductions with an advanced control technique

Joannes Olondriz
Researcher, IK4-IKERLAN

Field test comparison of wind measurement data from two LiDAR systems in complex terrain

Nobutoshi Nishio
Researcher, The University of Tokyo

SCADA data analysis applied on operation and maintenance

Claudia Puyals
Senior Analyst, AWS Truepower, a UL Company

German and American aviation authorities review ADLS technology safety, paving the way for its use in other countries (ADLS = Aircraft Detection Lighting System)

Maila Sepri
Product Engineer, Vestas Wind Systems

Synthetic power purchase agreements – what can we learn from the US market?

Hans Cleijne
Principal Consultant Wind Energy, DNV GL

Challenges and insights from the New European Wind Atlas project

Javier Sanz Rodrigo
Senior Researcher, CENER

Low turbulence intensity and low wind shear effects on annual energy production over the northeast coast of Brazil

Yoshiaki Sakagami
Professor, IFSC

Saving time and money during Offshore WindFarm Construction – Lessons learned from innovation.

James Russell
Chief Hydrodynamicists / Marine Equipment Director, Houlder

Stastistical modelling of offshore wind farm construction logistics to provide a forward view

James Russell
Chief Hydrodynamicists / Marine Equipment Director, Houlder

Power performance assessment using sodar in complex terrain

Tony Rovers
Senior Wind Engineer, Meridian Energy Ltd

A new dimension in large size bearing testing

John Skiller
Business Development, SKF

Wave induced ship motion prediction for increased workability of offshore wind farm maintenance and installation - POSTER AWARD WINNER

Karel Roozen
co-founder, Next Ocean

Inter‐annual wind speed variability on the North Sea

Reinder Ronda
Researcher, KNMI

Validation of the revised WAsP park model

Ole Steen Rathmann
Senior researcher, DTU Wind Energy

Wind flow modelling in complex sites of North-Eastern Brazil

Matteo Ranaboldo
Technical Team Lead, AWS Truepower, a UL Company

Transmission network voltage support from wind power plants connected to the distribution networks

Lina Ruiz
R&D electrical engineer, ENGIE

Impact of Complex Wind Flow Events in the Offshore Environment

Adrian Amid
Renewable Energy Consultant, Wood Group - Clean Energy

Advanced safety Training & Coaching Strategies – An Approach for the Wind Sector?

Annette Nienhaus
Technical Director, ERM GmbH

Interpolation approach for wind prediction in a coastal area of Brazil

Isadora Limas Coimbra
Master's student, Federal University of Santa Catarina

Sensitivity analysis of floating offshore wind power plants

Markus Lerch
PhD Fellow, IREC

Validation of a blade element momentum theory yaw model with field data on a multi-megawatt-turbine

Gritt Pokriefke
Senior Engineer, Nordex Energy GmbH

Farm optimisation: lessons learnt

Charlie Plumley
Optimisation Services Project Manager, Wood Group - Clean Energy

IEA Wind Task 19 latest results for cold climate wind energy

Ville Lehtomäki
Senior Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Vertical wind speed extrapolation - a terrain dependent approach

Wiebke Langreder
Head of Wind Energy Consulting, EMD International A/S

Performance assessment, measurement and wind predictions, complex sites and adverse conditions

Nikolaos Lampropoulos
Research Associate, C.R.E.S.

Fleet optimisation for wind power plants

Juri Kromm
Business Development Manager, Vestas Wind Systems

Validation of active control algorithms on a model wind turbine under controlled turbulent inflow conditions using an active grid

Lars Kröger
PhD Candidate, ForWind and Institute of Physics, University of Oldenburg

Digitalization of lubricant condition in gearbox for optimization of wind turbine O&M

Kyoko Kojima
Hitachi, Ltd.

Offshore wind turbine performance assessment using CFD

Ahmed Maklid
Research assistant , Alexandria university

New generation data acquisition units for wind turbine condition monitoring

Kun Marhadi
Research Engineer, Brüel & Kjær Vibro

Novel approach to wind direction measurements

Eladio Martin
Wind Engineer , Kintech Engineering

Determination of the wind speed trend over the last years and its impact on wind energy production. Specific case study: Northern France and neighbouring countries.

Serena Negrente
Engineer, DNV GL

Vibration analysis of a rotating horizontal axis wind turbine using a new approach for displacement measurement

Nadia Najafi
Development Engineer, DTU Wind Energy

BigDataEurope open platform for wind turbine condition monitoring

Fragiskos Mouzakis
Senior Researcher, C.R.E.S.

Data mining to reduce risk and better predict P90 performance

Kim Mortstock
Senior Engineer, DNV GL

Closed-loop supervisory control for defined component reliability levels and optimized power generation

Tobias Meyer
Senior Researcher, Fraunhofer IWES

The market value of wind power

Heinz-Theo Mengelkamp
Director, anemos GmbH

Safer and smarter ways to maximise uptime when working at height in the onshore wind energy sector

Frances Mc Ardle
Operational Director, Height for Hire Ltd

Turbulence intensity measurement with Windcube : the 2017 state.

Paul Mazoyer
Application engineer, Leosphere

LiDARs performance analysis : key results

Paul Mazoyer
Application engineer, Leosphere

Atmospheric stability influence on wind resource spatial distribution for wind farm

José Leopoldo Maza
Wind Engineer, ENEL Green Power

Investigation of cloud development induced by wind farm

Seungchul Ko
Master course, Yonsei University

Tim Rubert
PhD Researcher, University of Strathclyde

What improvements in wind forecasts and wind resource estimates can we expect from future mesoscale models?

Clive Wilson
Manager Mesocale Model development, Met Office

Comparison of operational energy production assessment methodologies

Michael Wilkinson
Senior Engineer, DNV GL - Energy

An online digital twin for smart wind farm operations

Thomas van Delft
Senior Engineer, Asset Integrity & Performance, DNV GL

Corporate PPA, how to make it happen

Femmy Wervers
Management Consultant, OutSmart

Aero-elastic-control coupled simulation of a vertical axis wind turbine-generator system

Tetsuya Wakui
Associate Professor, Osaka Prefecture University

Sensitivity analysis of weight coefficients of model predictive control in a floating offshore wind turbine-generator system

Tetsuya Wakui
Associate Professor, Osaka Prefecture University

Impact of intermittent wind fields on wind turbine loads and component lifetime

Matthias Wächter
Research Assistant, Carl von Ossietzky University

Optimising the twist distribution of rotor blades based on the adjoint method in OpenFOAM

Lena Vorspel
Research Assistant, University of Oldenburg

Analysis of future scenarios relating population and installed wind power in Spain

Daniel Villanueva
Associate Professor, University of Vigo

Assessment of the influence of the daylight saving time in the relationship between power demand and wind power in Spain

Daniel Villanueva
Associate Professor, University of Vigo

Turbulence assessment using spinner anemometry

Dennis Wouter
Data analyst, ECN

A medium voltage power converter for offshore wind turbines up to 10MW

Jokin Aguirrezabal
MV Team Leader, R&D Technology, Wind Energy, Ingeteam Power Technology S.A.

Multi-scale periodicity recognition method of wind speed based on morlet wavelet containing time-frequency factor

Jie Yan
Head of Department, North China Electric Power University

Maik Reder
PhD Fellow, CIRCE - University of Zaragoza

Simon Steen Moeller
International Relations, ERG Spa

Elena Gonzalez
PhD candidate, CIRCE

Sarah James
Researcher, Science and Technology Facilities Council

Lisa Ziegler
Phd Researcher, Ramboll

Paul Froidevaux
Climatologist / Data Analyst, Meteotest

Analysing the lifetime of a wind turbine – first results and major challenges

Philipp Stukenbrock
Head of sales and marketing, 8.2 Consulting AG

Wind farms operation improvement and grid codes compliance. Inrush blocking and sequential reconnection automatism in a self-powered protection unit.

Izaskun Zamakona Calvo
Project Manager, Ormazabal

Research on two data cleaning method for multi-dimension wind speed series data

Yongqian Liu
North China Electric Power University

Wind turbine system health monitoring based on gaussian mixture model using SCADA data

Akihisa Yasuda
Researcher, The University of Tokyo

Trends in key wind turbine components: main stakeholders and collaboration patterns

Cristina Vázquez
European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre

Performance analysis between different neural network inputs and training data for wind speed forecasting

Ramón Velo
Professor, Univ. Santiago de Compostela

A new view on safety, a "fresh Wind"

Twan van Tilburg
Manager Sales & Business Development, STC-KNRM BV

A wind farm operational strategy to optimise primary frequency support - POSTER AWARD WINNER

Sara Siniscalchi Minna
PhD Student, IREC

Hybrid energy management framework for wind based generation

Abhishek Singh
Specialist: Industrial Products , L&T-Technology Services

Demonstration of a LiDAR based nowcasting system

Elliot Simon
Doctoral Researcher, DTU Wind Energy

Dependent characteristics of tip vortices on kinetic energy transition in wind turbine wakes

Yosuke Shinozaki
Master's Degree Student, The University of Tokyo

World's first craneless bottom-fixed offshore turbine. 5 MW ‘ELISA’ prototype

Javier Nieto
Head of the Offshore Department , ESTEYCO SAP

Wind integration in the digital era

Adrian Timbus
Technology and Solutions Manager, ABB

MARINET2. A European network of marine renewables infrastructures

Anna Maria Sempreviva
Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

Selection of lubricating greases for wind turbine pitch bearings – analysis of downscaled experiments with focus on false brinelling and fretting corrosion tract

Fabian Schwack
Research Fellow, Leibniz Universitaet

New remodelling approach - anemos wind atlas downscaling to 90 x 90 m

Heinz-Theo Mengelkamp
Director, anemos GmbH

Evaluation of the Performances of a thunderstorm warning system applied to the wind energy domain

Stéphane Schmitt
Head of Marketing, Météorage

The consequences of hub and blade blocking for nacelle-mounted continuous wave lidar performance

Matt Smith
Sales Manager, ZephIR Lidar

Spectral averaging derived TI (SATI) from nacelle mounted circular scanning continuous wave lidar shows excellent agreement with cup anemometry

Matt Smith
Sales Manager, ZephIR Lidar

Effective turbulence approximation – what is the accuracy and alternative?

René M Slot
PhD student, Aalborg University

Implementation and analysis of a five-parameter wind field description based on 2-D LiDAR measurements

Marijn Floris van Dooren
Scientific Researcher, University of Oldenburg

Precast braced foundation: towards a significant LCoE reduction

Roser Valls
Head of BOP Projects, ESTEYCO

Natura 2000 and decarbonising energy, are they compatible?

Florin Tudor
Consultant, ERM Ltd.

Benefits of implementation of On-the-job demonstrations as mandatory training program for field personnel

Vivek Trivedi
Project engineer, Nordex Acciona Wind Power

Delivering the digital services app store

Philip Totaro
CEO, Totaro & Associates

Verification of the rock anchor design on the rock anchored wind turbine foundation with real-world measurements

Juha Tiikkainen
Structural engineer, Ramboll Finland Oy

Impact of TI and shear in site specific turbine design

Nimmy Thomas
Engineer, Mytrah Energy India Pvt Ltd

A comparative study between multiple LIDAR measurements and flow distortion corrected metmast data at FINO1 under varying atmospheric stability conditions

Juan José Trujillo
Scientist, DEWI

Wind parks as Merchant Assets? – Legal aspects to observe when marketing renewable power

Gerd Stuhlmacher
Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

Community acceptance: an evaluation of onshore wind energy development in Ireland

Caitriona Strain
Programme Manager, ERNACT

WakeBlaster - Understanding wind farm performance

Wolfgang Schlez
Director, ProPlanEn

Validating ‘black box’ data

Anthony Crockford
Technical Director, Arista

Offshore wind a safe investment! Validated best practices for offshore wind farm yield prediction

Joel Manning
Head of Research, Prevailing Ltd

MonoBaseWind - Self installing gravity base foundation system for the next generation offshore wind turbines

Herm Bussemaker
Director Technology, MonobaseWind b.v.

The influence of BEM models updated with 3D CFD rotor data on extreme load calculations

Philipp Brosche
scientific Assistant, Fraunhofer IWES

Unique data set of fallen ice pieces or thrown from wind turbines - POSTER AWARD WINNER

Saskia Bourgeois
Senior Expert Wind Energy, Meteotest

An innovative fire extinguishing system for wind power based on airbag technology - POSTER AWARD WINNER

Evrard Borg
Engineer, ArianeGroup

Atmospheric stability characterisation for CFD modelling of the stable boundary layer

Paul Blondel
Engineer, Meteodyn

Life extension upgrade solution for gearboxes and engines

Stefan Bill
Managing Director, REWITEC GmbH

Mobile factory or close-to-market-manufacturing concept

Christian Bedmar
Senior Project Manager, Envision Energy

The results of high performance graphical interfaces applied to Remote Control Center of wind power plants

Marcelo Barbosa Ferreira
CEO, Automalógica

A novel method of monitoring cross sectional deformation of wind turbine blades

Peter Greaves
Research Structural Engineer - Blades, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

Verticality monitoring of offshore met mast structure in Taiwan strait

Yuan-Yi Chang
Engineer, Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center

Flapwise bending moment prediction of wind turbine using machine learning

Jungchul Choi
Korea Institute of Energy Research

A new view of turbulence: quantifying chaotic effects and their impact on wind turbines

Thomas Clark
Director, Ocean Array Systems Ltd

Decrease offshore wind LCoE through a global validation of mesoscale models

Carla Ribeiro
Head of Department, DNV GL - Energy

In-depth analysis of wind turbine performances in complex terrain with 3D nacelle LiDAR

Guillaume Coubard-Millet
President, BCWanalysis

A multivariate approach to anomaly detection of main wind turbine components

Lorenzo Colone
PhD student, DTU Wind Energy

Practical comparison of IEC61400-12-1 site calibration correction methodologies

Peter Clive
Senior Scientist, Wood Group

A comparison of nacelle mounted scanning lidar based measurement methods for the detection and characterisation of wind turbine wake direction

Peter Clive
Senior Scientist, Wood Group

Third generation LiDAR measurements

Peter Clive
Senior Scientist, Wood Group

Velocity Linear Display (VLD) LiDAR methods

Peter Clive
Senior Scientist, Wood Group

Modified weibull scaling for wind resource assessment

Peter Clive
Senior Scientist, Wood Group

Using Q-Q Plots to estimate extreme winds: shedding light on a black art

Peter Clive
Senior Scientist, Wood Group

Cable monitoring during production and deployment

Pierre Clément
Engineer/PHD, Febus Optics

Quantitative rotorblade surface condition measurement by means of thermographic flow visualization

Nicholas Balaresque
Managing Director, Deutsche WindGuard Engineering GmbH

The Poul la Cour Tunnel: a new aerodynamic and aeroacoustic wind tunnel dedicated to wind energy

Christian Bak
Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

The operation of Guarantees of Origin (GOs) from wind energy plants in the European liberalised electricity market

Konstantinos Gkarakis
Energy Engineer, MSc, MA, Athens University of Applied Sciences

Full scale wake management study for wind farm control

Olivier Coupiac
Wind energy assessment, ENGIE Green

Transience statistics for fatigue load assessment

Peter Clive
Senior Scientist, Wood Group

Response deficit analysis in wind farm performance monitoring

Peter Clive
Senior Scientist, Wood Group

Boosting wind power integration by using flexibility of industrial demand response and plant auxiliary services

Valerio Cascio
Energy Manager, SER spa

Monitoring offshore monopile fatigue

Tom Brown
Senior Engineer, 2H Offshore

Development of a repair technique for cracking in wind turbine nacelle bed plates

Colin Brett
Technical Head, Inspection Management, Uniper Technologies Ltd.

Suction pile technology for dudgeon offshore wind farm substation

Marijn Dekker
Geotechnical Engineer, SPT Offshore

A statement from the offshore wind ports: ‘What does it take to be an offshore wind port?’

Tom Remy
Offshore Wind Analyst, WindEurope

Influence of small-scale turbulence on cup anemometers calibrations

Manuel Marraccini
Engineer, Svend Ole Hansen ApS

Reduction of the uncertainty in long term corrections using higher resolution reference data

Øyvind Byrkjedal
R&D Manager, Kjeller Vindteknikk AS

Comparing methodologies for windfarm noise assessment: UNI 11143-7 and ISPRA guidelines. Different approaches, results, features

Andrea Bartolazzi
Partner, SR International srl

Experimental validation of pharwen code using data from vawt wind tunnel tests with imposed motions

Marianne Dupont
Loads and Numerical Simulation Engineer, Nenuphar SA

Low temperature and icing climate conditions – two new recommended practises

Kai Freudenreich
Principal Specialist, DNV GL Renewables Certification

Advances in small turbine design

Nabeel Ahsan
Student, NUST

MgB2 superconductor direct drive generators levelized cost of energy and mass scaling

Asger Bech Abrahamsen
Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

Added value of non-neutral CFD modelling

Michael McQueenie
Senior Account Manager, Natural Power

How accurate is the BEACon radar?

Elin Svensson
Research Assistant, DTU Wind Energy

Convergence of segmented blades & hybrid materials

Philip Totaro
CEO, Totaro & Associates

How blade pitch control for a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) can minimize the floating support structure weight

Feike Savenije
researcher wind energy technology, ECN

Improving lifetime extension of wind turbines using rotor condition monitoring

John Reimers
Head of Marketing and Sales, Weidmüller Monitoring Systems GmbH

Case study: Optimisation of wind farm performance with the use of Nacelle Mounted LiDAR

Alix Pradel
Due Diligence Engineer, UL DEWI

White box vs. black box calibration of 2-beam nacelle LiDAR

Klaus Franke
Project Engineer, Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH

Do you know where that's been?

James McQuiggan
Product & Solution Security Officer, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Development of a kite energy plant on the same site of a traditional wind energy site. Wind resource, technical analysis, threats and opportunities

Andrea Bartolazzi
Partner, SR International srl

Numerical study of wake flow mixing in turbulence condition

Keita Kimura
The University of Tokyo

A review of data uncertainty in the use of Floating LiDAR for Offshore Wind Resource Assessment

John Shah
Marketing Coordinator , AXYS NV

Achieving performance transparency using spinner anemometry

Harald Hohlen
Senior Wind Measurement Specialist, ROMO Wind Deutschland GmbH

A sensitivity analysis of planetary- and high speed shaft bearing loads in wind turbines

Andreas Hirt
Research Scientist, RWTH Aachen University

Effect of tuned mass dampers on fixed offshore wind turbine foundations

Arash Hemmati Topkanloo
PhD researcher, Strathclyde

Ice load portal for preliminary design of offshore wind turbines in ice-covered sea areas

Jaakko Heinonen
Principal Investigator, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Influence of floater behaviour on levelised cost of energy of offshore wind turbines

Neelabh Gupta
Project Engineer, MECAL

Real-time three dimensional wind field reconstruction from nacelle LiDAR measurements

Fabrice Guillemin
« Wind turbines control » Project manager, IFP Energies nouvelles

Offshore wind energy hydrogen production with a scalable submersible electrolysis system

Elias Greenbaum
President & CTO, GTA, Inc.

CFD wake modelling for offshore wind farms

Nikolaos Simisiroglou
Wind Resource Analyst, Vattenfall

Blackbird: a hybrid CAES storage anchored Mono-TLP VAWT-WEC

Christopher Golightly
Geotechnical Consultant, GO-ELS Ltd

FSFound – Development of an instrumentation system for novel float/submerge gravity base foundations

Jonathan Hughes
Research Engineer - Instrumentation, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

Contributions to the optimization of alpha factors for Hywind heavy lift operations

Leo Hume-Wright
Senior Scientist, Met Office

Performance of two closely spaced turbines on a weather vaning floating platform - POSTER AWARD WINNER

Niklas Hummel
Interim CTO, Hexicon AB

A study of anomaly detection and prediction of high-tension bolts by strain measurements on tower shell

Yuka Kikuchi
Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo

Ships in bottles and offshore monopiles

Matthew Kennedy

Direct load measurement of a wind turbine high speed shaft bearing in the field using ultrasound

Gary Nicholas
Researcher, The University of Sheffield

Floating turbine design considerations

Moti Keinan
mechanical engineer , REC

Demonstration of lidar-assisted turbine control for stabilising the power output

Yutaka Kajiyama
Researcher, Mitsubishi Electric

Dual battery storage; an innovative way to improve forecasting accuracy

Harry Justin
Assistant Manager, Mytrah Energy India Pvt Ltd

Predicting turbine health using ML Technique; case study on HSS bearing temperature and de-rating of power!

Paul Joe Mampilly
Engineer, Mytrah Energy India Pvt. Ltd

A novel method to reduce radar cross section area of rotating wind turbine blades by carbon nanotube cellulose nanocomposite treated glass fiber - POSTER AWARD WINNER

Jari Jekkonen
Chair of the board, Oy Morphona Ltd.

Optimum power point tracking using iSpin Yaw

Nick Janssen
Wind & performance specialist, ROMO Wind

Future O&M supported by open industry data standard and predictive analytics

Rasmus Mølgaard Hviid
Product Manager , Kongsberg

Wind resource measurement and analysis for wind energy application using scanning doppler LiDAR

Jay Prakash Goit
Project Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo

Breaking the seal on yaw misalignment statistics

Eduardo Gil Marin
Data Analysis Engineer, ROMO Wind

IEA Wind Task 36 forecasting

Gregor Giebel
Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

Benchmarking turbine operational performance

Iain Dinwoodie
Senior Asset Performance Engineer, Natural Power

Load validation using nacelle-mounted LiDARs: progress and challenges

Nikolay Dimitrov
Researcher, DTU Wind Energy

A step change in cost with deep water foundations and very large turbines

Jean-Charles Di Schino
Project Engineer, ODE

Comparison of advanced wind turbine collective pitch control strategies for power optimization and loads mitigation

Domenico Di Domenico
Researcher, IFP Energies nouvelles

Automated online application able to accelerate the penetration of wind and solar power in the EU and global energy mix

Paolo Senes
Board Member, Spottitt Ltd.

A new method for the estimation of the possible power of curtailed offshore wind farms

Loïc Defour
Student, Université Catholique de Louvain

Airfoil Design for a multi-megawatt VAWT including pitch

Delphine De Tavernier
PhD Candidate, Delft University of Technology

Vortex generators and their effect modelled with Xfoil

Delphine De Tavernier
PhD Candidate, Delft University of Technology

Improving efficiencies of subsea cable installation using augmented reality

Max De Feber
Graduate student, Delft University of Technology

Moving from traditional SCADA monitoring to algorithm monitoring

Chris Damgaard
System Manager, KK Wind Solutions A/S

There’s more to a wind turbine than its power curve…

Anthony Crockford
Technical Director, Arista

The influence of wind characteristics on wind turbine performance using SCADA measurement and CFD simulation

Minh-Thang Do
Research Engineer, Meteodyn

Pumped-storage wind-hydro power plant, "SKOČIĐEVOJKA", of the coastal area of Montenegro

Mirjana Domanovic
Student, University of Belgrade, Faculty od Electrical Engineering

Concert – Control and uncertainties in real-time power curves of offshore wind power plants

Gregor Giebel
Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

Predictive maintenance in action: understanding workflow to maximize O&M performance

Sonny Garg
Lead, Energy Solutions, Uptake

Mesoscale impacts of wind farms: a study of the wind farm scheme of the WRF-ARW model

Gil Lizcano
R&D Director, Vortex

Developing tools for optimal strategy generation for renewables in wholesale electricity markets

Jose Garcia Franquelo
Innovation and Technology Director, Isotrol

Forecasting ice accretion on rotor blades: validation against webcam and ice detectors

Paul Froidevaux
Climatologist / Data Analyst, Meteotest

Assessment of offshore wind measurements uncertainties for site assessment and power curve verification

Dimitri Foussekis
Research Engineer, C.R.E.S.

Smart certification: a roadmap to reduce costs, risks and time to market for wind turbines and components

Fabrice Estezet
Head of Type Certification, Bureau Veritas

Improving remote sensor accuracy and uncertainty in complex terrain

Scott Eichelberger
Evangelist & Senior Scientist, Vaisala Inc.

Feasibility use of offshore wind turbines to produce fresh water in the Persian Gulf

Farshid Ebrahimi
Construction manager, Petro Barasun Int Co

How to manage risks for future offshore wind farms

Emilie Brackman
Consultant, DNV GL

Meso-microscale coupling for wind resource assessment using averaged atmospheric conditions

Catherine Meissner
Software Development Manager, WindSim AS

Impact of Targeted Measurements and Advanced Machine Learning Techniques on 0-3 Hr Ahead Rapid Update Wind Power and Ramp Rate Forecasts in the Tehachapi Wind Resource Area of California

John Zack
Vice President - Grid Solutions, AWS Truepower, a UL Company

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