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Thomas Poulsen

Managing Partner, Renewable Energy Solutions, Denmark


Mr. Poulsen has worked with shipping/logistics for 25+ years and with strategy crafting as well as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) since 2000. Since 1991, Mr. Poulsen has lived/worked in 8 different countries. Mr. Poulsen is currently the managing partner of Copenhagen-based management consulting firm Renewable Energy Solutions (RES). RES specializes in renewable energy strategy crafting and M&A. To craft business cases and assist with implementing change, RES is also involved in market research as well as industry analysis. The key knowledge base of RES is centered around the wind market with a particular focus on the supply chain including shipping/logistics. Mr. Poulsen has submitted his PhD thesis to Aalborg University in Denmark for evaluation earlier this year. Mr. Poulsen’s research is focused on how shipping and logistics firms craft their strategies particularly when it comes to the use M&A. Mr. Poulsen has used the global wind energy market place as the case industry for his research and academic journal publications.

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