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Nikolaos Lampropoulos

Research Associate, C.R.E.S., Greece


Dr. N. Lampropoulos is Mechanical Engineer, PhD graduated from the National Technical University of Athens. His thesis at the Laboratory of Thermal Turbo-machines of the Fluid Section (2000-2005) focused on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, multigrid techniques on unstructured grids, parallel programming through PVM. In terms of fluid flows, his points of interest are High Reynolds sub- and transonic flows. He is familiar with the open source CFD software package (OpenFoam) as well as the Free Software Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program (Calculix). His computational skills are the Fortran and C++ languages, the linux operating system and the Networked Parallel Computing through PVM. and MPI. Since the last year he has been working by CRES (Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving) on two european projects, namely AVATAR (Design of large Rotors for wind turbines) and IRPWIND (Combined aero-hydrodynamic calculations of wind turbines). He speaks fluently English and German.

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