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Asger Bech Abrahamsen

Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark


Mr. Asger Bech Abrahamsen (ABA) is working in the field of active materials for direct drive wind turbine generators at DTU Wind Energy an institute under the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). ABA has been with DTU Wind Energy since 2012 and at Risø National Laboratory working in the field of materials science since 2004. ABA obtained a master degree in applied physics from DTU in 1998 and a phd degree in neutron scattering in 2003. Active materials includes superconducting(SC) materials with focus on understanding pinning of flux lines in superconductors to utilize SC wires in coils targeted for future 10-20 MW direct drive wind turbine generators (INNWIND.EU). This activity involves design and construction of race track coils based on MgB2 and ABA is head of the INNWIND.EU task on superconducting generators. Active materials are also covering permanent magnets made of NdFeB, because they are the strongest magnets known and provide a high force density in state-of-the-art direct drive wind turbine generators. ABA is involved in the processing and sintering of NdFeB magnets in order to understand the relations between the rare earth elements included in the magnets and the obtained magnetic properties. Special focus is on the recycling of the NdFeB material using the new process Hydrogen Decrepitation Press Less Process (HD-PLP) developed in the REEgain project.

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