"Local impact, global leadership"


Peter Clive

Senior Scientist, Wood Group, United Kingdom


Peter has been associated with the wind power industry since taking his PhD in physics in 2002. He has had a central role in the development of the Galion Lidar, the 2nd generation wind Lidar system. This system enables wind fields to be surveyed with previously unobtainable detail and precision, revealing flow characteristics and structures that have a significant impact on the productivity and longevity of wind power assets. Peter also pioneered the introduction of response deficit analysis into wind turbine performance assessment, allowing the expertise and experience of wind analysts to be leveraged in the most focused and cost effective manner. His interests also include innovative resource assessment techniques that extract all the available information from the long and short term datasets from target and reference sites, minimizing project uncertainty and boosting project value. Peter has published widely on the subject of Lidar and has addressed many conferences around the world.


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