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Answer the Call for Solutions: Deadline 4 November 2018

Call for solutions – Deadline for submission 4 November 2018

Confex 2019 Call for Solutions

The Call for Solutions was created to turn the conference programme into a platform full of innovative, thought provoking ideas and projects that the wind industry will learn and benefit from. The aim is that this solutions-based approach will provide a unique learning experience for all delegates, to the benefit of the whole industry.

Whether you are a PhD student, financier or top industry executive we want to hear from you and invite you to be part of the 2019 conference programme.

Who will you be presenting to?

WindEurope events attract several thousands of industry professionals. Our annual conference and exhibition is the place where the wind industry meets with the finance, policy and research and innovation community. It is 3 buzzing days of extensive learning, networking and business making.

How to answer to this call?

All wind energy specialists worldwide can propose their work and an objective peer review by WindEurope members selects the best for inclusion in the programme and keeps commercial content out!

There will be an industry and a science and research track. What’s the difference?

Industry track

Content requirements
  • New work, not yet published or presented elsewhere
  • No commercial content
Submission format
  • 750 words
  • plain text (via online form)
Full paper
  • Optional
  • published as part of the online conference proceedings.
Review committee
  • WindEurope members
Selection process outcomes
  • Successful authors to be invited to present their work with a poster
  • Best contributions to be invited for an oral presentation in a session
Submit Industry abstract

Science & Research track

Content requirements
  • New work, not yet published or presented elsewhere.
  • No commercial content
  • Additional academic format and content requirements (scientific approach and relevance, full references etc.)
Submission format
  • 1500 words
  • PDF
Full paper
  • mandatory
  • to undergo peer-review by European Academy of Wind Energy for publication in scientific proceedings (IOP Journal of Physics Conference Series – open access)
Review committee
  • European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE) members
Selection process outcomes
  • Successful authors to be invited to present their work with a poster
  • Best contributions to be invited for an oral presentation in a session
  • Best full papers to be reviewed by EAWE and published in Open Access in a dedicated volume of the IOP Journal of Physics – Conference Series.
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By when do I have to submit my proposal for a solution?

The call for solutions will be online until 4 November 2018 23:55 CET.

We have identified challenges and we are looking for solutions. There are guiding questions under each challenge. If what you would like to present does not fit into any of the topics, please do send us your idea to: and we will be happy to see where it would fit best.

List of topics

Resource Assessment

To note: WindEurope will hold the 5th edition of its Resource Assessment technology workshop on 27-28 June 2018, in Brussels.

The focus of the workshop will be reducing uncertainty. Challenges labeled [ra19] in the list below are related to this, so we recommend to save your submissions on these for the workshop. More information available soon on

Challenge: Making sense of (big) data with improved data processing and machine learning

Challenge: Achieving more accurate measurements

Challenge: Improving the accuracy of wind modelling

Challenge: Understanding, modelling and simulating wakes

Challenge: Mapping the resource in more precise wind atlases

Challenge: Forecasting wind

Challenge: Reducing uncertainty in data analysis and processing [ra19]

Challenge: Reducing uncertainty in measurements using LiDARs [ra19]

Challenge: improving simulations and modelling with regards to levels of uncertainty [ra19]

Turbine technology

Challenge: Making blades silent and more resistant

Challenge: Systems engineering to optimise operations [Digitalisation]

Challenge: Enhancing wind farm control

Challenge: Lowering the costs of foundations

Challenge: engineering the next generations of turbines and components

Operations and Maintenance

Challenge: Optimising O&M [Digitalisation]

Challenge: maximising the value of operational assets

Challenge: improving collaboration, co-development and operational data sharing between operators and O&M service providers [Digitalisation]

Challenge: introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence on existing wind farms [Digitalisation]

Supply chain & Logistics

Challenge: enhancing supply chain management

Challenge: improving transport logistics

Challenge: handling larger offshore turbines

Challenge: gearing up for larger onshore turbines

Challenge: moving the wind supply chain towards circular economy [end-of-life]

Grid & market integration

Challenge: improving grid connections with the latest infrastructures/equipment:

Challenge: making grid integration smart and secure [Digitalisation]

Challenge: improving forecasting

Challenge: boosting the value of wind energy to the grid and markets

Challenge: securing investment in wind-friendly grid infrastructure and markets


Challenge: protecting wind turbines and wind farms against cyberattacks

Digitalisation cuts across all topics. Please check other topics to view the challenges that relate to digitalisation:

End-of-life issues

Challenge: decommissioning, extending life or repowering: taking the right decision

End-of-life issues cut across all topics. Please check other topics to view the challenges that relate to End-of-life.

Environmental impacts, Social acceptance & Spatial planning

Challenge: deepen our understanding the environmental impacts of wind energy

Challenge: gain and sustain social acceptance for wind projects

Challenge: share space harmoniously with other activities

Challenge: assessing the environmental impacts of decommissioning, lifetime extension and repowering [end-of-life]

Challenge: recycling materials [end-of-life]


Challenge: recruiting and training the best people [Digitalisation]

Challenge: maintaining high levels of health & safety and further improving

Challenge: gearing up for decommissioning [end-of-life]

Floating offshore wind

Challenge: improving floater design

Challenge: further reducing LCOE of Floating Offshore Wind

Challenge: scaling up for commercial deployment

Challenge: boosting investment into Floating Offshore Wind

Challenge: building a Floating Offshore Wind supply chain


We will have a dedicated finance track at the conference, which will likely cover, among others, the following topics:

More specific challenges will be added here shortly.

If you wish to contribute to WindEurope discussions on finance, please send us an email to

Electrification and sector coupling

Electrification of heating and cooling in buildings, industrial processes and transport using power from renewables will be key to achieving Europe’s ambitious decarbonisation objectives. The wind industry is working closely with other stakeholders to accelerate this transition.

Some of the challenges to overcome to speed up the transition pertain to the market design and conditions. Others are more technical in nature. We will look at all types of challenges, and will be looking from contributions from the wind sector and from non-wind stakeholders.

Challenge: accelerating the electrification of heating and cooling in buildings

Challenge: accelerating the electrification of energy-intensive industrial processes

Challenge: accelerating the electrification of transport

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