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When: Tuesday, 2 April 2019, 16:30 - 17:15
Where: Networking and poster area


PO015: Lifetime Extension, Repowering or Decommissioning? Decision Support for Operators of Ageing Wind Turbines

Jan-Hendrik Piel

Co-Founder & PhD-Researcher, Nefino GmbH & Information Systems Institute, Leibniz Universität Hannover

PO020: Repowering in Greece, revitalization of the wind energy market

Dionysios Andronas

Electrical & Electronic Engineer, Andronas Bros

PO021: Challenges of decommissioning offshore wind farms: Overview of the European experience

Eva Topham

Project Engineer, DNV GL

PO024: Risk mitigation in power transformers for offshore platforms and wind turbines

Miguel Aguirre

Senior R&D Mechanical Engineer, ABB

PO025: Environmental impact assessment of wind farm repowering projects: the challenges for wind energy in Portugal

José Miguel Oliveira

Project Director, Empreendimentos Eólicos do Vale do Minho, S.A.

PO026: The impact of wind energy development on avian faune (case study Greece)

Andreas Vlamakis

Project Manager, ENTEKA SA

PO030: Understanding public perception of offshore wind farms in Ireland

Yvonne Cronin

Masters by Research Student, University College Cork

PO034: Marine biodiversity and the development of a North Sea offshore powerhouse

Huygen van Steen

Managing Consultant, Navigant

PO037: Financing wind farms after two auctions in Greece

Konstantinos Gkarakis

Energy Engineer, University of West Attica

PO043: Certification schemes for Marine Renewable Energies

Edouard Richard

Wind & MRE Project Manager, Bureau Veritas

PO045: PivotBuoy®: An advanced system for cost-effective and reliable mooring, connection, installation and operation of floating wind 

Alex Raventos

CEO & Co-founder, X1 Wind

PO047: Scaled wave tank hybrid testing of the TELWIND floating platform for a 5 MW wind turbine

José Azcona Armendáriz

Head of Offshore Wind Energy Bussiness Unit, CENER

PO049: Floating offshore wind turbines: A simplified approach of aero-hydro coupling to optimize the floater structure design

Caroline Le Floc'h

Head of Renewables, DORIS Engineering


Tommaso Battistella

Researcher, Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria "IH Cantabria"

PO051: Floating offshore wind turbines: floater optimization with genetic algorithm methodology

Evgeny Andreev

Senior Naval Architect, DORIS Engineering

PO056: Correcting forecast deviations uncertainty for wind turbine generating power by properly sized energy storage

Pavle Dakic

Phd Student, University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering

PO058: Optimized energy management strategy for wind plants with storage in energy and reserve markets

Amaia González-Garrido

Researcher, IK4-Ikerlan

PO070: Is hydrogen energy storage ready for prime time on the European (North American) grid?

Michael Stavy

Senior Advisor, Senior Advisor on Renewable Energy Finance

PO082: EFAFLU test case: cold start-up validation of transformer pumps by the use of a large climatic test chamber

Daniele Brandolisio

Application and Test Engineer, OWI-Lab Sirris

PO088: Enabling closer collaboration with contracts based on performance criteria

Raf Kerkhofs

Manager Wind Aftermarket and Digitalization, SKF

PO095: An AI approach to control and monitor wind farm assets using satellite images

Eduardo Cuesta Lázaro

Data Scientist, Pervasive Technologies, S.L.

PO097: Solution to minimize leading edge erosion on turbine blades

Charlotte Hasager

Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

PO099: Framework for managing the operations and maintenance of wind farms

Juan Izquierdo

Researcher, IK4-Ikerlan

PO111: Hack the error codes of a wind turbine

Henrik Pedersen

Senior Wind Energy Consultant, EMD International A/S

PO114: Visualisation of probabilistic access forecasts for offshore operations

Ciaran Gilbert

PhD Student, University of Strathclyde

PO115: Transferability of operational status classification models among different wind turbine types

Anton Martinsson

Graduate Student, University of Edinburgh

PO123: Advanced analytics in wind farm O&M

Jesus Vita

Vice President - Business Development EMEA, Power Factors

PO130: The “Why?”, “What?” and “How?“ of lidar type classification

Matt Smith

Senior Sales Manager, Zephir Ltd

PO134: Clear-air data availability of continuous-wave scanned lidar

Matt Smith

Senior Sales Manager, Zephir Ltd

PO136: A method of correcting wind speed measurement results obtained from sensors placed on a lattice mast

Vladislavs Bezrukovs

Researcher, Ventspils University College

PO142: Validating flow model uncertainty using operational data

Matthew Zhang

Specialist - Energy Resource Services, Lloyd's Register

PO152: Effective validation for time series icing modelling using operational SCADA data

Albert Bosch i Mas

Wind Meteorologist , Vortex

PO156: Historical wind speed trends and impact on long-term adjustment and interannual variability in Cyprus

Konstantinos Gkarakis

Energy Engineer, University of West Attica

PO157: Wind speeds from global reanalyses. Intercomparison and validation with met mast data.

Jaume Ramon

Research Student, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)

PO164: CFD Modelling of mast effects on anemometer readings

Neil Atkinson

K2 Management

PO168: Evaluation of wind measurement uncertainty of Windcube in complex terrain

Paul Mazoyer

Application Engineer, Leosphere

PO176: Improvements to the Eddy Viscosity wind turbine wake model

Kester Gunn

Modelling and Analytics Expert, E.ON

PO178: Elican project completion: installation of world’s first crane-less bottom fixed offshore wind tower

José Serna


PO184: Implementation of special operation conditions in Bearing Robustness Test (BRT)

Andreas Hirt

Research Assistant, Center for Wind Power Drives (RWTH Aachen University)

PO185: Incorporating tower mass into expression for first-mode eigenfrequency of a semi-guy-wired vertical axis wind turbine tower

Fredrikc Ottermo

Associate Professor in Energy Engineering, Halmstad University

PO190: "FlexPad” - Test bench trials on an innovative sliding bearing for the wind turbine main bearing

Tim Schröder

Team Leader WT Component Design, Chair for Wind Power Drives (RWTH Aachen University)

PO191: Determination of wind turbine main bearing load distribution

Stefan Kock

Team Leader Component Test, Center for Wind Power Drives (RWTH Aachen University)

PO199: Preliminary validation of ATOM: an aero-servo-elastic design tool for next generation wind turbines

Samuel Scott

PhD Student, University of Bristol

PO205: Harvesting high altitude wind energy - Airborne wind turbine

Michael Perlberger

Founder, Brainwhere GmbH

PO208: Different types of TMD for application in onshore and offshore wind turbine towers

Karl-Heinz Hanus

Senior Engineer, ESM Energie- und Schwingungstechnik Mitsch GmbH

PO214: Real-time incoming wind preview from nacelle LiDAR measurements

Fabrice Guillemin

Wind Turbine Control Project Manager, IFP Energies nouvelles

PO215: Nonlinear estimation of important variables using neural network in wind farms

Sung-ho Hur

Assistant Professor, School of Electronics Engineering, Kyungpook National University

PO217: Comparative concept design study of laterally loaded monopiles

Kostas Kaltekis

Geotechnical Consultant, Fugro

PO219: Comparison of inflow-turbulence and trailing-edge noise models with measurements of a 200-kW vertical axis wind turbine

Fredrikc Ottermo

Associate Professor in Energy Engineering, Halmstad University

PO220: DNV GL experience on Blade manufacturing flaws in operational assets

Amilcar Zambrano

Senior Engineer, DNV GL

PO222: Serrations effect on the aerodynamic performance of wind turbine airfoils

Elena Llorente

Aerodynamic Lead, Nordex Group

PO224: Understanding of leading-edge protection erosion performance using nano-silicates for modification

Imad Ouachan

PhD Researcher, Univeristy of Bristol (ACCIS)

PO227: Optimizing of the performance and energy generation of wind turbines and wind farms: Medium Voltage Solution including self-powered protection & control unit.

Izaskun Zamakona

Project Manager, Ormazabal

PO233: Optimising yaw control at wind farm level

Ervin Bossanyi

Senior Principal Researcher, DNV GL

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