Michael Stavy, MBA-Kellogg; CPA-Illinois (Inactive)

Senior Advisor, Senior Advisor on Renewable Energy Finance


Michael STAVY, MBA, CPA (inactive), is a Senior Advisor on Renewable Energy Finance. Michael provides clients with a financial analysis of their renewable energy projects (wind, solar, energy storage, climate change mitigation). His “term sheet” financial analysis is based on his comprehension of energy economics, the technologies involved and national energy policies. Michael is able to work with developers/IPP/utilities; manufacturers, advocacy groups and government regulators. Michael has 30 years of experience advising on the finances and technology of renewable energy. He had a very unusual military experience which got him starting to think in terms of national energy policies. Michael was a member (E-3) of a USAR Civil Affairs Group that continuously studied an assigned geographic area in order to set up a government after the front line moved forward. He has publically demonstrated his financial analysis (32 papers presented at solar, wind and climate change mitigation conferences; two papers published in the ASME Journal of Solar Energy Engineering). His 34 paper topics include the LCOE of wind and solar plants; the LCOS of energy storage systems; and the finances of climate change mitigation. His paper, "A Financial Worksheet for Computing the Cost (US¢/kWh) of Solar Electricity Generated at Grid Connected Photovoltaic (PV) Generating Plants", Journal of Solar Energy Engineering (JSEE), August, 2002, Vol. 124, Page 319, was one of the top 10 articles downloaded from the JSEE website in the following months: November, 2006; December, 2007; February, 2008; October, 2008. His paper, The Carbon Content of Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel Produced By Hydrogen Electrolysis, JSEE, February, 2005, Vol 127, Page 161 is related to his poster On 4 April 2012, Michael was quoted on electric grid (T & D) reliability in the New York Times. Michael’s published financial analysis is based on his technical understanding. Michael’s academic credentials include a BA at the University of Illinois at Chicago [UIC], where he took math through differential equations and one year each of college physics and chemistry; an MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management-Day Program and an Illinois CPA. Michael taught (10/2002) at the Ecole Supériere de Affairs (ESA), Université Pierre Mendès France, (Grenoble-II) and at UIC (1997-98). Michael was a tenured Economics Professor (1970-99) at the College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL.
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