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When: Wednesday, 3 April 2019, 15:30 - 16:15
Where: Networking and poster area


PO001: Gearbox 4.0: Gathering quality data for predictive maintenance

Eneko Gorritxategi

CTO, Atten2 Advanced Monitoring Technologies

PO009: Why data quality matters

Bjørn Dörr Jensen

Decision Intelligence Specialist, Vestas Wind Systems A/S

PO016: Life Time Extension: practical experiences with stall and pitch regulated turbines

Bart Visser

Senior Chief Engineer, MECAL

PO018: LIVEON: assessing options for life extension

Laura Fitzmaurice

Research Associate, Ulster University

PO019: A 20 year old wind turbine lifetime extension case study

Fabrice Estézet

Head of Type Certification, Bureau Veritas

PO023: Validation of bat deterrent effectiveness through full-scale testing on several wind plants

Brogan Morton

Senior Product Manager, NRG Systems

PO027: 3D floating RADAR for a better understanding of bird & bats activity on OWF development areas

Maxime Bellorge

Project Sales Director, Akrocean

PO031: Remanufacturing in wind energy could reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE)

Philipp Schmid

Marketing Manager, SKF

PO032: Wind energy, aviation safety and the community - a complex relationship

Adrian Young

Senior Aviation Consultant, To70

PO040: Financing in the auction world

Carlos Albero

Finance Segment Leader, DNV GL

PO046: A new lightweight wave canceling semi-submersible design

Frank Lemmer

Research Associate, University of Stuttgart

PO052: Drift stability of HyStOH semi-submersible supported by aerodynamic shaped structrures

Andreas Manjock

Principal Engineer, DNV GL

PO054: Geographical influence in wind energy price: spatial analysis of capture price in the Iberian Peninsula

Sergio Jiménez Sanjuán

Senior Data Scientist, DNV GL

PO055: Increasing hosting capacity from PV and wind power plants using spatial and temporal demand side management

Dimitrije Kotur

Power Solution Architect, Schneider Electric DMS NS

PO057: Free wind operation of wind turbine for permanent power system frequency support

Zeljko Djurisic

University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering

PO063: International experience of wind integration - success stories of operating power systems with large amounts of wind power

Hannele Holttinen

Partner, Recognis & Operating Agent at IEA WIND Task 25

PO064: Increasing coverage for renewables through wind, PV and energy storage hybridization

Enrique Iriarte Madurga

Innovation - Projects Director, Acciona Energía

PO066: Hybrids enhancing capacity factors and more optimal use of existing grid infrastructure

Amelie Wulff

Global Sales Leader Hybrid Solutions, GE Renewable Energy

PO068: Price capturing in Spain: taming wind farm merchant risk

Alexander Klein

Technical advisor, Everoze Partners

PO072: Barriers against wind integration in Japan

Yoh Yasuda

Professor, Kyoto University

PO073: Battery system converter for smart grids

Carlos Rivas

Research & Development Manager, ELINSA

PO083: Sensing & remote monitoring for wind turbine components suppliers

José Ignacio Hormaeche

General Manager, Basque Energy Cluster (Cluster Energia)

PO092: Data to action: advanced analytics applied to asset management

Jesus Vita

Vice President - Business Development EMEA, Power Factors

PO098: The effect of wake position and yaw misalignment on power loss in wind turbines

Jaime Liew

Research Assistant, DTU Wind Energy

PO103: Aeronautical experience and technology for reliable and long life wind energy

Joseba Aramburu

VP Corporate Projects, Aernnova Aerospace

PO110: Quality assurance with drones for on- and offshore wind turbines

Robert Hörmann

CEO, Aero Enterprise GmbH

PO112: O&M management optimization based on lubrication systems handling

Alvaro Romo

Field Services Leader, Atten2 Advanced Monitoring Technologies

PO118: How to get rid of static data reports and interface problems?

Nordine Saïdi Mazarou

Engineer Advisor, IMDC nv

PO120: Flexible quality control methodology applicable for diverse data sources

Beatriz Cañadillas

Senior Engineer at R&D group, UL International

PO125: Wind Asset Management - Integrated Solution

Kjersti Røkenes

Product Director Renewables, Kongsberg Digital AS

PO129: Deep learning is blowing in the wind - deep models applied to wind predication

Jaume Manero

Professor, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

PO131: Turbulence intensity measurements – a multi-site comparison between Z300 and traditional anemometry

Scott Wylie

Wind & Verifications Engineer, Zephir Ltd

PO132: A reliable experimental methodology for the study of wind-turbine rotor blade aerodynamics

Marco Costantini

Researcher, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)

PO133: How drones can improve topography inspections, terrain modelling and energy yield assessment

Niels Peyre

Senior Renewable Energy Consultant, Wood

PO135: AEOLIKOS project: Design and development of the first Greek long-range wind lidar

George Avdikos

R & D / New products, Raymetrics

PO140: Use of instantaneous and directional wind shears in the extrapolation of wind data to hub height and their influence in wind turbine power estimation

Soledad Sanz Sánchez-Luengo

Wind Resource Engineer, Iberdrola Renovables

PO143: Novel aerodynamic damping identification for operating wind turbines

Chao Chen

Research Student, University College London

PO144: Breakthrough weather prediction technology enables wind turbine resolving resource assessments.

Remco Verzijlbergh

Director of Operations, Whiffle Weather Finecasting

PO147: Improving accuracy of wind resource assessment through feedback loops of operational performance data: a South African case study

Tim Crutchley

Energy Resource Services Manager, Lloyd's Register

PO148: Application of mesoscale models to complex climates: a case study in the desert of Atacama

Eulalia Monfort

Analyst, UL International

PO149: On the meso-to-microscale modeling of the atmospheric boundary layer in a complex terrain site: an open-science framework.

Roberto Aurelio Chavez-Arroyo

Researcher, CENER

PO150: Enhanced modelling of the stratified atmospheric boundary layer over steep terrain for wind resource assessment

Alex Flores-Maradiaga

Assitant Professor & Head of the Hirschmann Renewable Energy Lab, Federico Santa María Technical University

PO151: An approach for estimating energy losses due to ice in pre-construction energy assessments

Alejandro Abascal

Global Technical Support Head - Energy Assessment, Iberdrola Renovables

PO155: Machine learning methods to reduce uncertainty in energy yield assessment

Trenton Bush

Analyst, K2 Management

PO158: A model for comparative assessment of wind sites with regards to blade erosion

Raul Prieto

Senior Scientist - Wind Power, VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland

PO161: SCADA data as a means for the verification of mesoscale wind simulations

Axel Weiter

Product Developer Wind Atlas, anemos GmbH

PO165: Analysis on the parameters under the power measurement uncertainty for a small wind turbine

Keonhoon Kim


PO166: Using wind data from meteorological stations in France for the long-term adjustment

Hélène Willis

Wind Analyst, Eoltech

PO167: Introduction of principle of reversal of evidence in power curve warranties

Axel Albers

Managing Director, Deutsche WindGuard

PO169: Flow Complexity Recognition and vector averaging. Experience with LiDAR data in moderately complex terrain.

Nicolas Marquet

Engineer, DNV GL

PO171: Using lightships in the North Sea as a platform for long term wind lidar measurements

Beatriz Cañadillas

Senior Engineer at R&D group, UL International

PO172: Engineering models for turbine wake velocity deficit and wake deflection. A new proposed approach for onshore and offshore applications.

Renzo Ruisi

Researcher, DNV GL

PO175: Rapid RANS wake simulation with customisable turbine models: CPU / GPU with Python interface

David Standingford

Director, Zenotech Ltd

PO177: Innovative solutions for developing soft skills and leadership skills in the wind energy industry for the digital era

Sarah Barber

Programme Leader Wind Energy, University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil

PO186: Reduction of LCoE by a smart tower solution for hub heights of 160+ [m]

Wolfgang Fuellhaas

Project Manager, MECAL

PO187: Gearbox design for wear minimization: lessons from the field

Edgar Martinez de Aguas

CEO, Atten2 Advanced Monitoring Technologies

PO188: Development of INGECON® WIND LV Power Converter for DFIG topology wind turbines up to 5.X MW

Aritz Lorea Iriguíbel

DFM Product Manager, Ingeteam Power Technology S.A.

PO192: MODEOL: New generation of technology for the development of wind turbine modules

Aitor Zurutuza

R&D Manager, Laulagun Bearings

PO194: A straightforward way to calculate the stiffness of slewing bearings

Iker Heras

Associate professor, University of the Basque Country

PO197: Wind tunnel setup for experimental validation of wind turbine control concepts under tailor-made reproducible wind conditions

Vlaho Petrović

Postdoc, ForWind, University of Oldenburg

PO198: Parametric study of vane-type vortex generators under adverse pressure gradient by source term modelling in OpenFOAM

Unai Fernandez-Gamiz

Associate Professor, University of the Basque Country

PO200: A new approach for comparability of two- and three-bladed 20 MW offshore wind turbines

Fabian Anstock

Research Associate, Hamburg University of Applied Science

PO201: New low-drag vortex generators concept

Beatriz Méndez

Researcher, CENER

PO202: Pitch bearing lifetime prediction considering the effect of the pitch control strategy

Arkaitz Lopez Jauregui

PhD Engineering, Laulagun Bearings

PO203: Challenges of next generation wind turbine blades

John Korsgaard

Senior Director, LM Wind Power

PO206: The benefit of the teetering rotor in an offshore wind turbine and floating platform system

Silvestro Caruso

CTO, Seawind Ocean Technology

PO207: Evolutionary bearing design could boost wind turbine availability and profitability

Blanca Martin

Global Business Development - Energy, SKF

PO211: On wind turbine control for participation in grid frequency regulation

Iker Elorza

Control and Monitoring Researcher, IK4-Ikerlan

PO216: Foundation damping modelling for the optimum design of offshore wind turbines

Abdollah Malekjafarian

Research Scientist, University College Dublin

PO218: Integrated implementation of industrial innovation for offshore wind cost reduction

Jesper Moeller

Head of Offshore Balance of Plant Innovations, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

PO221: Effects of leading edge erosion on the power performance and acoustic noise emissions of locally manufactured small wind turbine blades

Kostas Latoufis

Researcher, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

PO225: Computational fluid dynamics methodology for characterisation of leading edge erosion in whirling arm test rigs

Robbie Herring

EngD Student, University of Bristol

PO229: CFD for site calibration of nacelle mounted lidar

Matt Smith

Senior Sales Manager, Zephir Ltd

PO231: Digital twin of a real wind turbine: development and validation

Alvaro González-Salcedo

Engineer, CENER

PO232: Development of a panel code and integration into OpenFAST

Alvaro González-Salcedo

Engineer, CENER

PO235: Use of IoT sensing devices to optimise wind farms operations

Bruno Pinto

CTO, Sereema

PO236: Innovative system for performance monitoring and optimization: independent data to increase AEP & preserve turbine lifetime

Mus Rezzoug

Managing Director, Sereema

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