Silvestro Caruso

CTO, Seawind Ocean Technology


Silvestro Caruso has been working in the wind industry for over 20 years. He is CTO at Seawind Ocean Technology B.V. He studied nuclear engineering at Turin Polytechnic. After university he spent 5 years at ENEL Trino PWR nuclear plant, carrying out nuclear and thermal testing and redesigning the core support structure; 10 years at NIRA SpA, designing main components for the Superphénix reactor in France; 10 years at Ansaldo focusing on steam turbines and electrical generator upgrading. In 1997, with Glidden Doman, he reviewed the design of the Gamma 60 wind turbine (two-bladed, teetering hinge, yaw control) installed in Sardinia, Italy. After this experience Silvestro concentrated on improving the Gamma 60 technology, carrying out a feasibility study for a 5 MW floating wind turbine in Blue H financed by the British ETI. His present work focuses on uprating and upgrading the two-bladed technology for floating offshore systems within Seawind.
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