Roberto Aurelio Chavez-Arroyo

Researcher, CENER


Roberto has been working in the wind energy field since year 2008 when he got enrolled in a MSc program of Energy Engineering while at the same time he started a collaboration with a private wind energy developer in Mexico. Afterwards, during his PhD in Environmental Sciences, he continued participating in wind resource assessment studies in which he could apply part of his doctoral research topics related to long-term statistical and dynamical downscaling methods for wind climate estimations. In 2013 he joined the Wind Resource Assessment Audit and Standardization (WAUDIT) program. This program is a Marie-Curie action funded under the FP7-People program in which he started working on the development and implementation of CFD tools for the simulation of atmospheric flows. Currently he is a researcher in CENER where he is leading the CFD group in the wind resource assessment and forecasting department.


  • Resource assessment - part 3
    On the meso-to-microscale modeling of the atmospheric boundary layer in a complex terrain site: an open-science framework.
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