Nordine Saïdi Mazarou

Engineer Advisor, IMDC nv


"Nordine Saïdi Mazarou is an industrial engineer with 12 years of experience in waterworks. The first 8 years of his career were spend in the DEME-Group, one of the leading dredging and offshore companies. Starting within the dredging branch as a project engineer and later as superintendent for the production department, he had the responsibility to follow-up and possibly improve the dredging activities. After 4 years in dredging activities, Nordine made the step to the new and growing Offshore Windfarm Industry in the DEME-Group branch GeoSea. He was superintendent for the jacket installation at the Thornton Bank in Belgium, and Works Manager for the wind turbine installation. After that he became deputy project manager for the windfarms of Borkum West II, (Germany) Thorntonbank (Belgium) and Northwind (Belgium). During this period he worked with jack-up barges, floating barges, lifting pontoons and their auxiliaries. His tasks included the offshore operational part (logistics and installation), contractual and financial follow-up. Since 2016, Nordine works at IMDC. Initially he is focused on the execution techniques for offshore works and dredging activities, having a good mix of operational and technical experience. Due to his experience in waterworks, in 2017, Nordine was detached to ENGIE for the Key Program Offshore Wind. This Program was launched for the acceleration of Offshore Wind within the ENGIE-group. Nordine started as Offshore Transport and Installation Manager, responsible for all Offshore Works, cost calculations, and scheduling. Being closely involved in all tender projects (assisting amongst others in scheduling and costing, reviewing methodologies), but also taking the lead in them. Within these tenders he developed several tools to standardize calculations and quickly respond to the needs of the group, with a focus on creating lean processes."
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