Alvaro Romo

Field Services Leader, Atten2 Advanced Monitoring Technologies


My name is Álvaro Romo, I am the field service leader in Atten2. I have more than 15 years of experience in industry. Maintenance technic and heavy-duty equipment mechanic background. I have been working in the automotive, iron industry and mostly in oil and gas industry. Leading new technologies deployment for tribological actions in refineries and other installations as gas turbines and coal plants. Expert in lubricant maintenance actions, filtrations, high speed flushings and oil mist lubrication, together with strong oil analysis and machine diagnostics skills. ICML (International council for machinery lubrication) certification MLA 2 (Machinery lubrication analytics) and Lubrication academy (Fluitec). Also, congress collaborator with Lubrication management. I have been working Atten2 for 2 years, focused in wind industry. Developing engineering studies, technical visits and installations in Basque country, Spain, Italy, UK, Mexico, Czech Republic and more. Additionally, technical project management and data analysis from different sectors: gas and steam turbines, gearboxes, hydraulic groups, compressors, hydraulic and mechanic press…
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