Joseba Aramburu

VP Corporate Projects, Aernnova Aerospace


Mr. Joseba Aramburu started his Wind Energy experience in 1998. He is currently VP Corporate Project Director at Aernnova Aerospace and VP Managing Director at Aeroblade, Wind Energy Engineering division at Aernnova Group. Joseba graduated as MEng in Mechanical Engineer in the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao. After his studies he joint to Aernnova Aerospace, where he has performed different responsibilities as Design Office Composite Section Leader for 7 years, Quality Manager of 3 productions plants for 5 years, Manufacturing Engineering Manager for 2 years, and Aeroblade Managing Director for 11 years, while becoming Aernnova VP Corporate Director in 2017. Joseba started his wind experience as part of this projects in the Design Office back in 1998, and he has shared his professional responsibilities in Aircraft and in wind Sectors. Joseba has been involved in a number of research project related with Wind Energy and Aircraft Engineering and Production Development.
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