Resource assessment - part 2

Resource assessment

When: Wednesday, 3 April 2019, 14:00 - 15:30
Where: Luxua 2

Session description

The Resource Assessment programme will span across 3 sessions. Each will take the audience through a range of topics. These will include: ice losses, turbulence intensity measurements, wake modelling improvements, seasonal forecasting, machine learning applications, and the impact of real world conditions on turbine performance. Each of these topics has the potential to have a profound impact upon the energy yield and therefore it is vital they are thoroughly understood.

Invited speakers from outside the Resource Assessment community will present: the potential impacts of climate change on the wind resource; insights on measurements from the data user perspective; and how to improve annual energy production using operational data.

Part 2 will take the audience through a range of topics ranging from ice losses, wake modelling improvements, seasonal forecasting through to the impact of real world conditions on turbine performance.

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Learning objectives

Session chair

Mike Anderson

Independent Expert, -

Lars Landberg

Director - Group Leader: Renewables, Strategic Research & Innovation, DNV GL


Transforming data into value

Peter Stuart

Technical Director, RES


Investigation of the impacts of real world flow conditions on wind turbine power performance through nacelle lidar combined with advanced CFD modelling

Graeme Watson

Senior Energy Analyst, Natural Power

Sub-seasonal to seasonal climate predictions for wind energy forecasting

Albert Soret

Earth System Services Group Leader, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)

Effective validation for time series icing modelling using operational SCADA data

Albert Bosch i Mas

Wind Meteorologist , Vortex

Improvements to the Eddy Viscosity wind turbine wake model

Kester Gunn

Modelling and Analytics Expert, E.ON

Event Ambassadors