Financing offshore wind in an auction environment


When: Wednesday, 3 April 2019, 14:00 - 15:15
Where: Auditorium 1

Session description

The method of awarding public support for wind projects in Europe has largely moved to competitive auctions. This session will consider how auctions across Europe affect financial decisions and how finance structures can help reduce cost for developers and win tenders. Panellists will also consider financing new technologies such as floating wind and consider if structures which are currently available will be sufficient to bridge the ‘technology risk gap’.

Learning objectives

Session chair

Catrin Jung

Chairwoman, BWO - German Association of Offshore Wind Park Operators


Lena Kitzing

Senior Researcher, DTU Wind Energy

Mak Dukan

Aures II Team Member & PhD Student, DTU Wind Energy

Panel discussion

João Pedro Sumavielle

Finance Director, EDPR

Jérôme Guillet

Managing Director, Green Giraffe

Christina Sørensen

Senior Partner, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

Nigel Slater

Managing Director - Development Europe, Northland Power Inc

Grzegorz Gorski

Managing Director Centralised Generation, ENGIE

Event Ambassadors