Addressing the integration challenge: in the market and in the grid

System integration and electrification

When: Wednesday, 3 April 2019, 10:45 - 12:15
Where: Auditorium 2

Session description

The energy transition is going to introduce a progressive change in the technical operation of the electrical system, due to the integration of variable energy sources, generation plants based on power electronics and a progressive substitution of conventional generation units. All of these changes entail a series of important challenges both for the grid and for renewable power plants, such as the introduction of storage systems, the integration of dynamic response equipment to keep under control the critical electrical variables as well as the installation of advanced wind turbines. Complementary to the hardware solutions, it will be also necessary to introduce new modes of operation related to the regulation and balancing markets, capacity credit and voltage control. This session will cover several solutions to these challenges, settled and tested by technological centers, producers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS)

Learning objectives

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