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When: Thursday, 4 April 2019, 10:15 - 10:45
Where: Networking and poster area


PO002: GREENCHAIN: commercial blockchain platform of renewable origin of Acciona’s fleet

Pedro Benítez Estebanet

Blockchain Project Manager, Acciona Energy

PO004: International Energy Agency (IEA) Topical Experts Meeting #92: Wind Energy Digitalization and the upcoming international collaborative work

Jason Fields

Senior Engineer, NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

PO008: Site-specific load assessment for fatigue analysis and life prediction of wind turbine components

Mercedes Irujo

Expert in Aeroelastic and Structural Simulation of Wind Turbines , Acciona

PO010: Leapfrogging the met mast: integrating lidar with simulations

Daniel Gallacher

Senior Lidar Consultant, Wood Group

PO011: Designing and Delivering the World’s Largest Grid Emulation System

Michael Smailes

Research Engineer Offshore Electrical Infrastructures, ORE Catapult

PO012: Opening Access to Data Through Data Licensing & Syndication

Philip Totaro

CEO, IntelStor

PO035: Designing a Business Offshore energy model. The clustering for Portuguese sector based on SWOT analysis

Ana Cristina Pego

Researcher, Centre for Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (CICS), School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

PO036: New era for Wind Power in Greece: The results of the auctions within 2018 and perspectives

Apostolos Gizas

Electrical Engineer, Regulatory Authority for Energy

PO044: Development of a digital twin of BiMEP test site for Floating Offshore Wind Platforms

Dorleta Marina

Project Manager, BiMEP

PO053: Design of reliable power cables for floating wind

Atle Lagset

Specialist Engineer, Aker Solutions

PO062: Conceptual design of pumped-storage hydro power plant on Skadar Lake in Montenegro

Katarina Selenic

Student, University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering

PO069: IEA Wind Task 36 Forecasting

Gregor Giebel

Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

PO077: TotalControl – Advanced integrated control of large-scale wind power plants and wind turbines

Gregor Giebel

Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

PO079: Effect of wind directions and the urban environment in the positioning of small wind turbines on tall buildings

Silvana Tourn

PhD Researcher, Ministerio de Panificación, Ambiente e Innovación Tecnológica del Gobierno del Pueblo de la Provincia del Chaco

PO081: A new approach for assessing vessel collisions on offshore jacket foundations

Diego Rodriguez

Structural Engineer, Ingecid and University of Cantabria

PO086: Case management for wind farms: collaborate data framework and tools

Jesus Vita

Vice President - Business Development EMEA, Power Factors

PO090: Your prediction algorithm needs the right threshold

Juan José Cardenas

Chief Research Officer - Data Scientist, Smartive (Itestit S.L.)

PO091: How ensembling can boost your classifier performances

Mattia Beretta

PhD. student & Data Scientist, UPC

PO093: On the use of AI based vibration condition monitoring of wind turbine gearboxes

Sofia Koukoura

PhD Researcher, University of Strathclyde

PO100: Nacelle lidars for waked detection and wake inflow energy loss estimation

Matt Smith

Senior Sales Manager, Zephir Ltd

PO101: Wind yaw misalignment measurements and energy loss projections from a multi-lidar instrumented wind farm

Matt Smith

Senior Sales Manager, Zephir Ltd

PO104: Validation of wind farm downtime modelling and impact on grid-constrained projects

Nathan Hill

Specialist Energy Resource Services, Lloyd's Register

PO107: Floating lidar uncertainty reduction for use on operational wind farms

John Slater

Senior Consultant, Fichtner Consulting Engineers

PO108: Digital remote expert - condition monitoring service with portable equipment

Danilo Scamonatti

Machinery Diagnostics Manager, Moventas Gears Srl

PO113: Diagnosis for predictive maintenance and life extension of gas insulated medium voltage switchgear in wind farms

Cipriano Cerro

Area Product Manager, Ormazabal

PO116: ROMEO: a project that will contribute to offshore O&M cost reduction

César Yanes

Head of Innovation, Iberdrola Renovables

PO117: A novel probabilistic long-term fault prediction framework beyond SCADA

Jürgen Herp

Assistant Professor, Maersk Mc-Kinney Moeller Institute, University of Southern Denmark

PO128: Measuring the value of wind farm optimization. An example in cold climates.

Luis Vera-Tudela

Head of Wind Power Knowledge, fos4X GmbH

PO139: Sub-seasonal to seasonal climate predictions for wind energy forecasting

Albert Soret

Earth System Services Group Leader, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)

PO146: Unravelling the wind flow over highly complex regions through computational modelling and three-dimensional lidar scanning

José Palma

Professor, University of Porto

PO153: How long should be « long term » to reduce uncertainty on annual wind energy assessment ?

Alexis Dutrieux

Managing Director, ATM-PRO S.P.R.L.

PO162: Verification of a fully numerical approach for early stage wind resource assessment in absence of onsite measurements

Rolf-Erik Keck

Senior Wind Analyst, Modern Energy

PO170: Reducing annual energy production sensitivity to precipitation with remote sensing devices

Andrew Black

Researcher, Vaisala

PO174: Sensitivity analysis on power output calculation in a waked environment : how does wake influence power output ?

Alexis Dutrieux

Managing Director, ATM-PRO S.P.R.L.

PO180: Methodogy for pre-design of gravity based foundations

Jokin Rico

Technical Director, INGECID

PO181: New solution for jacket foundation

Marina Llama

Project Manager, INGECID

PO183: Optimised de-rated wind turbine response and loading through extended controller gain scheduling

Christos Galinos

Development Engineer, DTU Wind Energy

PO189: Model sensitivity analysis for an electromechanical simulation of a direct-drive generator

Tobias Duda

Research Scientist, Center for Wind Power Drives (RWTH Aachen University)

PO195: Wind train technology: mechanical energy storage in turbine blades to boost electrical output

Dishant Mishra

Project Head, Baud Resources

PO196: Extremum seeking control for optimization of a Pelton turbine controller in a hydraulic wind turbine

Sebastiaan Paul Mulders

PhD Candidate, Delft University of Technology

PO204: OEMs are Shifting Towards Global Supply Chain Cost Optimization at the Expense of Optimal Turbine LCOE

Philip Totaro

CEO, IntelStor

PO212: A blade load feedback control for floating offshore wind turbines

Joannes Olondriz

Researcher, IK4-Ikerlan

PO226: Measuring MNm torques withing a high-temperature superconducting generator prototype testing campaign

Hans Kyling

Group Manager, Fraunhofer IWES

PO230: Investigating the potential of offshore wind turbine position optimization

Bryce Wade

MSc. Energy Technologies, University of Lisbon

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