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Resource assessment - quickfires

Offshore wind Onshore wind Technical and Scientific Programme

When: Tuesday, 23 November 2021, 16:45 - 17:30
Where: Auditorium A15

Session description

The more accurate the assessment of the wind resource is when planning a wind farm, the more accurate the estimation of Annual Energy Production will be, and hence the stronger the business case and the lower the financing costs. Proper wind resource assessment is therefore a cornerstone of every wind project, especially as the environment for wind projects becomes increasingly merchant. This quickfire session will give you a glimpse of where the technology is and the direction of travel.

Session chair

Mike Anderson

Chairman, ETIPWind Advisory Group



The influence of stability on wind turbine performance: a quantitative study using measurement from SCADA system and mast

Minh-Thang Do

Data Scientist, Meteodyn


Monitoring Buoys as extended Floating Lidar Systems for the wind industry and environmental applications

Bernhard Lange

Division Director, Fraunhofer IWES


How offshore wind farms change the marine boundary layer - a long-term study

Thomas Neumann

Head of R&D, UL


Bayesian MIS method for long-term corrected probabilistic Vref estimation

Jörg Winterfeldt

Senior Product Manger Wind Farm Production Guarantees, GE Renewable Energy


Sensitivity Study with the WRF Mesoscale Model at 10 Offshore Met Stations in the US and Europe

Roberto Chávez-Arroyo

Research Scientist, UL


A business case for wind resource assessment using scanning wind lidars

Pedro Santos

Research Associate, Fraunhofer IWES


Why climate change risks in wind resource assessment?

Ana Lopez

Founder, Climate Scale

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