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Offshore wind Onshore wind Technical and Scientific Programme

When: Wednesday, 24 November 2021, 10:30 - 12:30
Where: Auditorium A12

Session description

Blades have become so big that they deserve now their own session! Wind turbine blades are capturing the energy from the wind and transfer it to the wind turbine mechanical drivetrain. Their spectacular size increase and the operation in various types of environments brings many challenges in terms of design, manufacturing, performance, monitoring, maintenance and end-of-life. This session will therefore cover several aspects of the blade lifecycle.

Session chair

John Korsgaard

Senior Director, Engineering Excellence, LM Wind Power

Nicolas Quiévy

Senior Wind Technology Manager - Key Expert, ENGIE


TRiceR, a web-application for supporting risk-based decisions associated with ice falling from wind turbine blades located in urban and industrial environments

Xavier Vanwijck

Digital product manager, Tractebel

Going full circle: Eco-design and innovative manufacturing to enable 100% recyclable wind turbine blades

Katelyn Huber

Product Life Cycle Project Leader, LM Wind Power

Safer internal wind turbine blade inspections and data processing

Anders Røpke

CEO, Wind Power LAB

Towards a complete wind turbine blade monitoring system

Robert Ernst

Senior Wind Turbine Blade Engineer, PolyTech


A method for vessel-based blade repair

Caspar Blum

Senior Business Development Manager - Offshore Wind, Ampelmann Operations BV


Blade Defect Forecasting for the Wind Industry

Anders Røpke

CEO, Wind Power LAB


ProBlade Ultra - Innovative leading edge protection to optimize levelized cost of energy by reducing maintenance costs and increasing annual energy production

Divya Thumsi

Business Development Manager, LM Wind Power


Induced stalled flow due to roughness sensitivity for thick airfoils in modern wind turbines.

Rubén Gutiérrez

Aerodynamic Blade Engineer & Phd Candidate, Nordex Group


Relative dynamic blade pitch misalignment detection using TripleCMAS and visual inspection

Xavier Tolron

Head of Analysis and Drone R&D, Ventus Engineering GmbH


Torsion implications on new modern large blades failures

Andrei Buliga

Head of structural group, Bladena

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