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WindEurope publishes its European onshore wind energy statistics annually. It also publishes European offshore statistics half-yearly, statistics that are eagerly awaited by the industry and media. For global figures on onshore and offshore, WindEurope relies on its partner the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

WindEurope statistic publications are not available to order in hardcopy, but are freely available online.

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  • Driving cost reductions in offshore wind 27/11/2017 - This report marks the first application of “lean thinking” to the offshore wind industry. “Lean thinking” is the dynamic, knowledge driven, and end-user focused process through which an enterprise continuously eliminates wasteful stages and streamline processes with the goal of creating value. The primary LEANWIND objective is to provide cost reductions across the offshore wind […]
  • Wind energy in Europe, Scenarios for 2030 22/9/2017 - This report describes three possible scenarios for wind energy capacity installations in 2030 based on WindEurope’s analysis of the potential conditions determining wind energy deployment post-2020. According to WindEurope’s Central Scenario, 323 GW of cumulative wind energy capacity would be installed in the EU by 2030, 253 GW onshore and 70 GW offshore. That would […]
  • Wind energy in Europe: Outlook to 2020 22/9/2017 - Wind energy in Europe:Outlook to 2020 This publication, the first in a series of annual reports, analyses how EU markets will developin the next four years, starting with an in depth analysis of the first half of 2017. Download report Overview Findings Explore data Download Resources Overview The European wind energy industry has proved in […]
  • wind-financing-investment-trends-2016 Financing and investment trends 2016 9/5/2017 - In 2016 wind was the largest destination for power sector investments in 2016. A total of €43bn were raised for the construction of new wind farms, refinancing operations, project acquisitions, and public market fundraising – up 22% from €35bn in 2015. New asset financing for wind power projects reached €27.6bn in 2016 with a record […]
  • WindEurope-Annual-Stats-2016 Wind in power: 2016 European statistics 9/2/2017 - Europe installed 12.5 GW of gross additional wind capacity in 2016. This was 3% less than the new installations in 2015. With a total installed capacity of 153.7 GW, wind energy now overtakes coal as the second largest form of power generation capacity in Europe. 2016 annual figures 12.5 GW of new wind power capacity […]
  • Wind in power: 2015 European statistics 13/2/2016 - 12,800 MW of wind power capacity was installed and grid-connected in the EU during 2015, an increase of 6.3% on 2014 installations. There is now 142 GW of installed wind energy capacity in the EU: approximately 131 GW onshore and 11 GW offshore. Wind power installed more than any other form of power generation in […]
  • Wind in power: 2014 European statistics 13/2/2015 - There is now 128.8 GW of installed wind energy capacity in the EU: approximately 120.6 GW onshore and just over 8 GW offshore. 11,791.4 MW of wind power capacity (worth between €13.1bn and €18.7bn) was installed in the EU-28 during 2014, a increase of 3.8% compared to 2013 installations. The EU power sector continues its […]
  • Wind in power: 2013 European statistics 13/2/2014 - There are now 117.3 GW of installed wind energy capacity in the EU: 110.7 GW onshore and 6.6 GW offshore. 11,159 MW of wind power capacity (worth between €13 bn and €18 bn) was installed in the EU-28 during 2013, a decrease of 8% compared to 2012 installations. The EU power sector continues its move […]
  • Wind in power: 2012 European statistics 13/2/2013 - The EU wind energy sector installed 11.6 gigawatts (GW) of capacity in 2012, bringing the total wind power capacity to 105.6 GW. Wind energy represented 26% of all new EU power capacity installed in 2012, and investments of between €12.8 billion and €17.2 billion. It is now meeting 7% of Europe’s electricity demand – up […]
  • Wind in power: 2011 European statistics 13/2/2012 - In 2011, 9,616 MW of wind energy capacity was installed in the EU, making a total of 93,957 MW – enough to supply 6.3% of the EU’s electricity. Representing 21.4% of new power capacity, wind energy installations in 2011 were very similar to the previous year’s 9,648 MW. The wind industry has had an average […]