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Supply chain sustainability

Driving positive change in a more sustainable and responsible wind energy industry

The wind energy initiative is an Ecovadis and WindEurope initiative created by a group of companies to enhance ESG transparency and elevate the performance standards of suppliers within the wind energy industry.


Our vision is to accelerate a just and responsible energy transition together with our value chain partners by adopting common sustainable business practices and achieving a positive and lasting (Environmental, Social and Governance) ESG value chain impact.


Our mission is to enhance ESG transparency and elevate the performance standards of suppliers within the wind energy industry. To fulfil this mission, we commit to the following actions:

  1. Implement the EcoVadis sustainability ratings methodology as a voluntary standard for assessing our suppliers.
  2. Support our suppliers in their sustainability journey by communicating a clear strategy and targeted enhancements to drive their ESG performance improvement.

Through this Initiative, we aim to drive positive change and establish a more sustainable and responsible wind energy industry.

Key strategic objectives


Realise substantial membership growth of the Wind Energy Initiative in the upcoming years.

Lead by example

Strive to achieve exemplary sustainability practices within the wind energy supply chain.

Decarbonised supply chain

Drive the decarbonisation efforts in the wind energy supply chain, emphasising renewable energy and circular practices.

Partnership between WindEurope and EcoVadis

WindEurope member companies have selected EcoVadis as the preferred sustainability rating platform to drive a positive change in the wind energy supply chain.

WindEurope’s work on the topic is underpinned by the Industry principles on Supply Chain Sustainability which all members have adopted on a voluntary basis.

EcoVadis is a purpose-led company whose mission is to provide the world’s most trusted business sustainability ratings. Businesses of all sizes rely on EcoVadis’ expert intelligence and evidence-based ratings to monitor and improve the sustainability performance of their business and trading partners. Its actionable scorecards, benchmarks, carbon action tools, and insights guide an improvement journey for environmental, social and ethical practices across 200 industry categories and 180 countries.


Wind Energy Initiative members engage suppliers in their sustainability rating and improvement journey as a peer group. Membership will strengthen supplier outreach actions, provide fact-based information to decision-making processes, and accelerate supply chain improvements.

Rated suppliers (companies trading with one or more WEI members) will benefit from increased efficiency in sharing sustainability ratings, strengthened customer relations, capacity building activities to improve on sustainability topics.

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Alexander Vandenberghe
Alexander Vandenberghe
Head of Innovation
Laurien De Block
Laurien De Block
Sector Initiatives Program Manager at EcoVadis
Annette Quincy
Annette Quincy
Sector Initiative Director at EcoVadis