WindEurope End-of-Life Issues & Strategies Seminar 2024

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EoLIS 2024

Europe’s turbines are aging – what are our options?

Europe’s wind energy buildout is ramping up – and our capacity is expanding year after year. But we shouldn’t forget about our older capacity – or lose sight of what to do with it. 783 MW was decommissioned in Europe last year – and we’re expecting 27 GW to be decommissioned between now and 2030.

In the race to meet our climate and energy targets, we need to make crucial decisions about these vital installations. And as an industry with a stake in all things green, we should be doing our best to encourage circular re-use of our turbines when they are phased out.

EoLISWindEurope’s End-of-Life Issues & Strategies Seminar – is our annual get-together looking at the challenges and opportunities we face when it comes to our aging turbines. Wind energy innovation is more than a question of bigger models and greater yield – but delivering circular turbines which last longer, require less maintenance, and can be repurposed beyond their service life. Decarbonisation is a long-term process – and large-scale planning for Europe’s turbine fleet is essential as well.

This year, EoLIS is heading to Sweden’s second city, for a two-day roundup of the latest in the turbine end-of-life and circularity debate. It’s a chance to meet experts in turbine design and sustainability, and to meet technical wind energy newcomers and veterans from all over Europe.

More information to come over the next few months – we’ll see you in Gothenburg this December!

Key dates

  • Programme live: September 2024
  • Registration opens: September 2024
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