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Mission & values

Vision, mission and values


Wind energy will be the leading technology in transforming the global energy supply structure towards a truly sustainable energy future based on indigenous, non-polluting and competitive renewable technologies.


Through effective communication and its engagement in the political decision-making processes, WindEurope seeks to facilitate national and international policies and initiatives which strengthen the development of European and global wind energy markets, infrastructure and technology. In doing so, we achieve a more sustainable and cleaner energy future.

To achieve this, WindEurope works to:

  • Act as a single European voice which, in conjunction with the efforts of its members, promotes the best interests of the wind energy sector;
  • Develop and communicate effective strategic policies and initiatives which influence the political process towards the maintenance and creation of stable markets while overcoming barriers to the deployment of wind energy;
  • Optimise the turnover opportunities of the wind energy sector vis-à-vis the growth of European generation capacity over the next two decades;
  • Further consolidate Europe’s position as the international driver for the global growth of the wind energy sector by engaging in close coordination with national, regional and global organisations and companies;
  • Vigorously communicate the benefits and potential of wind energy to a wide variety of Important audiences: politicians, opinion-formers, decision-makers, businesses, the media, the public, NGOs and other stakeholders;
  • Act as the central network on wind energy issues for our members and interact with wider constituencies.


Our goal is to make WindEurope the leading voice of wind power and the driving force for the future direction of our sector by:

  • Establishing WindEurope as the go-to source for quality input into the policy and legislative processes;
  • Establishing WindEurope as the point-of-reference for both Brussels-based and international media and external stakeholders;
  • Ensuring the WindEurope Secretariat works in close partnership with its members and other relevant organisations;
  • Ensuring WindEurope’s profile and reputation are world class.

Our six strategic objectives:

  • Secure the largest possible market share in, and develop the full potential of, today’s European wind markets by meeting the 2020 targets;
  • Promote “the polluter pays” principle and destroy the myth that fossil fuels and nuclear energy are not subsidised by exposing the level of hidden subsidy provided to other forms of electrical generation;
  • Promote a long–term stable framework and attract new investment;
  • Promote wind energy research, development and innovation (R, D & I) to maintain European technological leadership, enhancing the affordability of wind energy and ensuring the optimal use of European research funds while supporting European academia, research institutes and industry;
  • Promote grid development, operation and markets to integrate large quantities of wind energy in a cost-efficient way;
  • Work to ensure sufficient access to finance is available for the wind industry at a cost-reflecting actual (rather than perceived risk), while working to ensure that political risk is minimised.


The interests of the wind industry come first

  • Advocate WindEurope’s positions and narratives.
  • Promote the benefits of our sector.
  • Cultivate strong relationships with our members, represent their interests and leverage their contributions.

The highest professional standards

  • Place integrity and sustainability at the heart of our actions.
  • Commit to delivering high-quality outputs.
  • Use WindEurope resources responsibly (time & money).

Each of us contributes to having a respectful, inspiring and dynamic work environment

  • Mutual development and support through a culture of coaching, feedback and trust.
  • Be fair and constructive in how we assess performance.
  • Work together as one team that values diversity and celebrates each other’s successes.