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WindEurope’s Board of Directors

WindEurope board members

As a non-profit association, WindEurope is governed by a Board of Directors

The Board meets 4 times to year and is made up of 29 people. 22 of these are the Market Leaders and Leading Members of WindEurope. Then there are 4 elected representatives of the other corporate members of WindEurope and 3 elected representatives of the national wind energy associations.

The Board is chaired by the CEO of one of the Market Leaders or Leading Members. They are supported by a Vice-Chair.

The current Chair is Sven Utermöhlen, CEO Offshore Wind, RWE Renewables. The current Vice-Chair is Kresten Ørnbjerg, VP Head of Global Public Affairs, Vestas. They are serving an 18-month term which will end in September 2023.

The WindEurope Secretariat is accountable to the Board. So are WindEurope’s 10 Working Groups. The Chairs of the Working Groups are all members of the Board

Here is the full list of the current Board members:

Luis Martí Alvarez
Juan Virgilio Márquez López

Philipp Pfefferle

Peter Hjuler Jensen

Nicolas Couderc

Jorge Casillas Jorrin

Andrea Panizzo
Andreas BeckerSergio ValBeate MykingLuca Bragoli
Sheri Hickok

Jan Hylleberg

Alfredo Parres del Toro

Juan Rivier de Abbad

Javier Sanz Rodriguez

Cordi O’Hara

Tony Adam

Ulrik Stridbæk

Daniel McGrail

Laura Rol Rua

Marco Perona
Stefanie Alexander
Yiğit Güven

Claudia Grotz

Thomas Adams

Samira Barakat

Kresten Gissel Ørnbjerg
Martin Knops

WindEurope Statutes

Find out more about how the association operates in WindEurope’s statutes.

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