Presenters and Speakers | WindEurope Electric City 2021

Presenters and Speakers

Zuriñe Varela

Data Analyst, xabet


Zuriñe Varela broke into the Wind Turbine's data analysis world in 2013, facing the challenge of managing and taking advantage of big amounts of data stored for years, and ready to provide insightful information to O&M teams. She currently takes care of Data Analysis duty at xabet, helping multidisciplinary companies in their digital transformation journey. During her career she has been involved in projects with several Wind Turbine manufacturers and operators, and she is now working on the condition monitoring of all new renewable plants owned by spanish Repsol.


  • Offshore O&M
    Failure modes on the hydraulic pitch subsystem of an offshore wind turbine


  • Data analytics to detect critical failure modes in offshore wind turbines: the case of pitch systems
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