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Technology and innovation for the future power system

Electrification and system integration Offshore wind Onshore wind

When: Thursday, 25 November 2021, 12:30 - 13:30
Where: Auditorium A11

Session description

The European Commission expects electricity demand to triple by 2050 in order to reach climate neutrality. Wind energy will provide 50% of that electricity. To deliver the power to where it is needed Europe also needs to invest more in electricity infrastructure both on the generation and transmission/distribution side. To delivering a climate-neutral resilient and reliable energy system Europe must continue to invest in research & innovation to further develop and mature the technologies we need. 

This session will provide participants with a helicopter view on how the future energy system will look like and what transformations are taking place at generation, transmission and consumption level.  Participants will learn what technology solutions we can already deploy today; what is holding their deployment back; and in what areas more research is needed. In addition, they will learn about the instruments Europe has to support deployment of innovative technologies and whether we are making the most them or whether we need new ones.

Session chair

Adrian Timbus

Chairman, ETIP Wind


Hannele Holtinnen

Senior Advisor and Partner, Recognis Oy

Rena Kuwahata

Vice-chair, currENT

Jochen Kreusel

Head of Market Innovations / Deputy President, Hitachi Energy / T&D Europe

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