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The offshore grid: hybrids and clusters

Offshore wind

When: Tuesday, 23 November 2021, 15:45 - 17:00
Where: Auditorium A12

Session description

This session will discuss the progress in the development of offshore power grids in the North Seas: their novel configurations and regulations needed for investments at the pace needed to reach 2050 targets. It will try to answer the following questions: What offshore grid will emerge from the rapid expansion of offshore wind? How will deploy offshore hybrids at the pace needed? What lessons we can take from the existing offshore hybrid solutions? And how Europe should tackle its investment challenges for the power grid?​

Session chair

Giles Dickson

CEO, WindEurope


Michal Motylewski

Managing Counsel, Dentons


Danielle Lane

Head of Asset Value Management & Partnering, Vattenfall

Marie Hindhede

Deputy Permanent Secretary, Danish Ministry for Climate, Energy and Utilities

Nicola Medalova

Managing Director, National Grid Interconnector

Niklas Persson

Executive Vice President - Managing Director Business Unit Grid Integration, Hitachi Energy

Stefan Kapferer

CEO, 50Hertz (Elia Group)

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