Sessions | WindEurope Electric City 2021


Grid development and optimisation

Electrification and system integration

When: Wednesday, 24 November 2021, 15:15 - 16:15
Where: Auditorium A10

Session description

Grid optimization and development are essential to the success of the energy transition, as the grid will remain the backbone of a decarbonized energy system.​

We need to expand the grid to accommodate more renewables, but new grid developments have been lagging behind renewables deployment. One in every 3 grid investments have been delayed, and such developments have a very long timeline (10+ years). How can we accelerate?​

And in the meantime, a lot can be done to improve existing infrastructure by deploying technologies that will optimize grid operation while increasing resilience. What should we prioritise today?

Session chair

Vasiliki Klonari

Senior Analyst - Digitalisation and System Integration, WindEurope


Technopedia and next steps, case studies: ENTSO-E

Nathan Appleman

Market Design Specialist, ENTSO-E

Regulatory framework and how to bring the different initiatives together: currENT

Christian Kjaer

vice chair, CurrENT

Grid technology trends and evolutions

Jochen Kreusel

Head of Market Innovations / Deputy President, Hitachi Energy / T&D Europe

Highlights from ACER

Jan Kostevc

Team Leader Energy Infrastructure, ACER

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