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Demonstration: Clyde Training Solutions

Offshore wind Onshore wind

When: Wednesday, 24 November 2021, 13:30 - 14:00
Where: Safety, Skills & Training Zone - Hall C4

Session description

Clyde Training Solutions will welcome participants into one of four specially constructed virtual reality booths within the Safety, Skills and Training Zone, to reveal its augmentations to GWO’s working at heights training. The Clyde Training Solutions complimentary, and optional enhancement to the GWO Working at Height course gives both new starts and experienced workers in the industry the chance to experience working at height in an onshore turbine. The simulated environment will allow the delegate to experience hands on the turbine architecture, moving up and down the turbine as well as all the safety practices required prior to working at height. Users will experience as close to real life as possible a truly immersive feeling of working at height, operating the safety equipment and checking and utilising PPE. Finally, users will also experience potential hazards they may encounter in a real life turbine, and will be required to take the necessary actions to limit and remove the hazard.

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