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Decarbonising industrial processes

Electrification and system integration

When: Tuesday, 23 November 2021, 15:45 - 16:45
Where: Auditorium A10

Session description

Industry emits 31% of the GHG emissions and uses significant amounts of fossil fuel-based feedstocks. Close to 2/3 of industrial emissions come from only four sectors: iron & steel, cement, chemicals (incl. plastics & fertilisers), and refineries. In 2019 transformation losses in industry amounted to around 1,300 TWh. The electrification of processes is the easiest and most cost-effective way for industry to decarbonise provided the electricity is sourced from renewables.  With existing technologies industry could electrify  72% of its useful energy demand (excluding energy products needed in for feedstocks). Technologies such as compression heat pumps, mechanical vapor recompression and various wave-based heating technologies are available today. Others like e-cracking still need more R&I focus. But it’s not only about technology. The regulatory framework is key. This panel will look at the challenges and opportunities for the renewable-based electrification of industry; discuss existing solutions initiatives that are helping the sector move towards  a climate neutral economy.

Session chair

Daniel Fraile

Director of Market Intelligence, WindEurope


Helene Biström

SVP Business Area Wind, Vattenfall

Lars Petersson

CEO, Hempel

Veronika Wilk

Chair of Industrial Heat Pumps Working Group, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Tejs Laustsen Jensen

CEO, Hydrogen Denmark

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