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Electrification and system integration Offshore wind Onshore wind

When: Thursday, 25 November 2021, 12:30 - 13:30
Where: Auditorium A10

Session description

The wind sector is becoming more digital every day, and digitalization is a key enabler of the further expansion of wind power to achieve carbon neutrality.​
But this evolution also increases the risk of cyber attacks. As wind becomes mainstream, cyber attacks against energy companies are more likely to have societal impacts, and we as a sector bear a growing responsibility for the resilience of the energy system.​
This session will look at the specific challenges and opportunities for mitigation of cyber risks in the wind sector, how we can create a real culture of resilience in the sector and how regulation can help.​

Session chair

Todd Brent Davis

SCADA & Cybersecurity Specialist for Product Management, Vestas


Pierre Alain Graf

Senior Vice-President, Global Security, Hitachi Energy

Ana Kosareva

Chair of WindEurope's Cybersecurity Task Force, Enercon

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