Presenters and Speakers | WindEurope Electric City 2021

Presenters and Speakers

Javier Ozores Arconada

Wind Energy Blade Engineer, Bladena


Javier Ozores Arconada is an industrial engineer by the UPNA (Spain) with a master in Wind Energy by the DTU (Denmark). He has been working in the wind energy sector for the last 2 years as an O&M blade engineer for Bladena Aps. Among his areas of specialization, he has heavily contributed to the programming and creation of the CAR (Cost and Risk) Tool which aims to help Wind Turbine Owners (WTOs) during the decision making of planning their maintenance strategies campaigns. Based on understanding the failure modes of blades, and with a risk approach, Javier has gained knowledge on O&M and participated in both commercial and public funded projects for Bladena Aps. For the last year, Javier has also been involved in areas regarding Leading Edge Erosion, and its consequences for O&M.


  • A decision support Cost and Risk Tool for optimizing the O&M actions on wind turbine blades
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