Presenters and Speakers | WindEurope Electric City 2021

Presenters and Speakers

Hristo Shkalov

Senior Blade Specialist, Wind Power LAB


Hristo Shkalov has 3+ years of experience in the wind industry, where he has combined blade knowledge and business development skills to complete variety of tasks for clients and implement several research projects. Shkalov has started his wind career in the biggest offshore wind operator Ørsted, as a part of the blades operations team. He continued his wind industry journey with Wind Power LAB, where his main responsibility has been performing blade defect assessments and making repair recommendations. Shkalov is specialised in erosion and surface-related damages. He utilises his data-management skills in combination with blades knowledge to conduct defect trend analyses and draw development rates. Shkalov is able to recommend relevant Leading Edge Protection, based on blade defect growth patterns. Moreover, Shkalov has good understanding of lightning damage mechanisms and the structure of Lightning Protection Systems. Shkalov has performed defect assessment and repair recommendation for all major OEM blade types.


  • Leading Edge Roughness Aerodynamic Performance /LERAP/
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