Presenters and Speakers | WindEurope Electric City 2021

Presenters and Speakers

Césare Peeren

Architect/founder, Superuse


Césare is a passionate architect and entrepreneur; his mission is to transform the current economy into a more resourceful and sustainable one. He is the co-founder of Superuse Studios, a sustainable architecture, and design pioneer based on waste- to- resource strategies. More than twenty years ago, the company preceded the Circular Economy movement and remained on the frontline of innovation in design and systems thinking. The projects, which became iconic references in the green building and architecture industry, result from environmental, social, technical, and aesthetic aspects. Césare began the Blade Made initiative focused on the research and application of strategies specifically oriented to improve the waste management and prevention in the Wind Energy industry. He realized several projects testing the possibilities to cascade used blades before disposal through partnerships, including the Danish ‘Genvind Consortium.’ Authors' approval


  • Blade Made: a design strategy for end of life wind blades POSTER AWARD WINNER
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