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Global wind energy statistics archive

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  • Global wind statistics 2015 15/2/2016 - Exploring possibilities opened by the Paris Agreement in 2015 The wind power industry set new records across the world last year, and wind is leading the transformation of the global power system, long overdue and very necessary to achieve the climate objectives agreed by 186 nations in Paris last December. “Wind power led all technologies […]
  • Global wind statistics 2014 15/2/2015 - New frontiers opening in wind energy in 2014 Led by China and Brazil in the first instance, as well as Mexico and South Africa, non-OECD markets outstripped the traditional markets in Europe and North America again in 2014. China installed an astonishing 23 GW of new wind power last year, bringing its cumulative total to […]
  • Global wind statistics 2013 15/2/2014 - Going from strength to strength in 2013 Annual Market Update on the status of the global wind industry is the authoritative source of information on wind power markets around the world. This year’s edition includes insights of the most important wind power markets worldwide, future trends with market projections for 2014-2018, an expert opinion on […]
  • Global wind statistics 2012 15/2/2013 - Global Wind Energy: Solid Growth in 2012 The Global Wind Energy Council 2012 market statistics show continued expansion of the market, with annual market growth of almost 10%, and cumulative capacity growth of about 19%. A record year for US installations and a slower market in China mean that the two countries all but tied […]
  • Global wind report – annual market update 2011 15/3/2012 - Wind power weathers the economic storm in 2011 to reach new markets The wind industry installed over 41 GW of new clean, reliable wind power in 2011, bringing the total installed capacity globally to more than 238 GW at the end of last year. This represents an increase of 21%, with an increase in the […]
  • Global wind report – annual market update 2010 15/3/2011 - Developing countries and emerging economies power ahead in 2010 Nearly 36 GW of new wind power capacity was added around the world in 2010, and for the first time the majority of that new capacity was in developing countries and emerging economies; driven mainly by the booming wind sectors in China and India, but also […]