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Poster awards ceremony

When: Thursday, 28 November 2019, 10:00 - 10:45
Where: Auditorium Foyer

Session description

You are welcome to join us in commemorating this year’s poster award winners! Let us give them a round of applause and enjoy some morning refreshments. You will also have the opportunity to meet all our poster presenters face to face and discuss their findings. Following a review of all posters by a committee presided by ForWind Managing Director Stefan Barth, on behalf of the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE), the Poster Awards distinguished the following poster authors for their outstanding work:



PO008: Automatic Intelligent Eagle Detection, Deterrent and Blade-Event Monitoring [Poster award winner]

Roberto Albertani

Professor, Oregon State University

PO028: Floating maintenance taut wire system [Poster award winner]

Kuno van den Berg

Development & Proposal Manager, Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam

PO054: State of the Art and Research Gaps in Wind Farm Control – Results of a recent workshop [Poster award winner]

Gregor Giebel

Senior Researcher, DTU Wind Energy

PO069: Determining offshore wind installation times using machine learning and open data [Poster award winner]

Bo Tranberg

Co-founder, Ento Labs

PO146: The new frontier in numerical metocean modelling: coupled high-resolution atmosphere wave interactions [Poster award winner]

Remco Verzijlbergh

Director of Operations, Whiffle

PO160: Linking calculation of wakes from offshore wind farm cluster to the Danish power integration system [Poster award winner]

Xiaoli Larsén

Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

PO216: Structural validation of a recyclable thermoplastic composite wind turbine blade [Poster award winner]

Ryan Beach

Mechanical Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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