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When: Thursday, 28 November 2019, 10:00 - 10:45
Where: Auditorium Foyer


PO009: Socio-environmental impacts of the offshore wind farms in Europe

Rafael Vasconcelos

Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte

PO020: PivotBuoy: Single Point Mooring wind turbine floating platform numerical modelling and verification

Alex Raventos

CEO & Co-founder, X1 Wind

PO023: Aerodynamic damping for accelerated numerical models for floating wind turbines

Antonio Pegalajar-Jurado

Post-Doctoral Researcher, DTU Wind Energy

PO039: Mooring failure impact on dynamic cabling system – a risk mitigation case study

Peter Foxton

Engineering Manager, Vryhof

PO045: High voltage dynamic export cables - overcoming the biggest barriers to the realisation of commercial scale floating wind farms.

Rory Shanahan

Manager, Offshore Wind, Carbon Trust

PO048: Research on transmission line planning of large scale offshore wind farm

Li Yan

Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer , Mingyang Smart energy

PO063: Gamification for improving health and building a common safety culture at Siemens Gamesa

Karin Borg

Head of Corporate HSE, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

PO072: Paving the way to future offshore wind development by compiling large scale metocean data and advanced statistical methods into a digital database

Maziar Golestani

Head of Department, DHI A/S

PO073: Development of a Wind Turbine Gearbox Virtual Sensor using Multibody Simulation and Artificial Neural Networks

Baher Azzam

Research Scientist, Center for Wind Power Drives

PO076: An integrated risk-based integrity management solution for optimising operations

Allison Selman

Director, Atteris

PO077: A decision-making tool for simulating and planning O&M activities of offshore wind farms

Pietro Tomaselli

Research Engineer, DHI

PO082: Advanced tool to optimise the O&M activities for offshore wind farms

Raúl Guanche García

Head of the Offshore Engineering and Ocean Energy Group, Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria (IHCantabria)

PO083: Improving Offshore Operations: How Next Generation Broadband Communication Changes The Game

Peter Slanina

Senior Expert, Atlas Professionals

PO087: Next generation touch down and catenary monitoring of high voltage power cables

Fabian Karlsson

Commercial Manager Vessels, NKT HV Cables

PO094: The use of digital simulation technology to reduce the impact of an uncertain climate on offshore wind operations.

Edward Kay

JBA Consulting

PO099: Impacts of reliability and cost uncertainties on offshore wind turbine operational simulation and cost of energy estimation

Cuong Dao

Research Associate, Durham University

PO110: Speeding up foundation installation by using motion compensation technology

Jurgen Zijlmans

Sales Manager, Royal IHC

PO114: Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing selection handbook for power cable monitoring

Etienne Rochat

CTO, Omnisens SA

PO123: A robotic shearography system for wind turbine blade inspection on-site

Jianxin Gao

Principal Project Leader, TWI Ltd

PO124: The Power Performance Testing Results and Uncertainty Analysis For a 3 MW Offshore Wind turbine with Nacelle transfer Function

Keonhoon Kim

Principal Researcher, Korea Institute of Energy Research

PO133: IEC 61400-50-3: standardisation of nacelle mounted lidar measurement for offshore wind turbine power performance verification

Rozenn Wagner

Senior Researcher, DTU Wind Energy

PO138: A comparison of various types of Floating Lidar Device’s turbulence intensity measurements compared to traditional cup anemometry

Matt Smith

Head of Sales, ZX Lidar

PO140: Technological advancements and bankability of FLiDAR

Elie Gournay

Senior Wind Energy Yield Analyst, Mott MacDonald


Murat Durak

Managing Director, Enermet Energy AS

PO144: Tropical cyclones modelling with WRF-AHW

Jesper Nissen

Senior Meteoroligical Engineer, DHI

PO145: Extrapolating wind field a hub height from Synthetic Aperture Radar and ensemble of Weather and Research Forecasts wind estimates

Mouhamet Diallo

Post Doctoral researcher, CEREA Laboratory

PO149: Offshore wind resource mapping of the European Seas for the New European Wind Atlas

Charlotte Hasager

Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

PO150: Improved ocean wave conditions for the design of offshore wind farms using data assimilation

Natacha Fery

Metocean Engineer, DHI

PO151: Spectral correction to recover full 10min variability from hourly mesoscale data

Lasse Svenningsen

R&D Manager, EMD International A/S

PO153: Leading edge erosion: precipitation measurements offshore

Anna-Maria Tilg

PhD Student, DTU Wind Energy

PO156: Uncertainty of spinner anemometer wind speed measurements

Paula Gómez

Senior Development Engineer, DTU Wind Energy

PO164: Temporal Wake Modeling, Validation with iSpin Measurement and production data at Offshore Windfarm

Henrik Pedersen

Senior Wind Energy Consultant, EMD International A/S

PO165: The OWA wake modeling challenge blind tests

Javier Sanz Rodrigo

Senior Researcher, CENER

PO166: Measuring effects of the Borkum Riffgrund 1 wind farm on FINO1 by means of long range lidar

Juan José Trujillo

Project Engineer, UL International

PO189: Lubricant Formulation – Its influence on Copper Alloy Corrosion in Wind Turbine Gearboxes.

Ulf Rieper

OEM Manager Europe, Shell

PO204: Generator Air Gap Sensitivity regarding Gravity, Wind Loads and Magnetic Pull of Direct Drive Wind Turbines

Abdul Baseer

Research Assistant, Center for Wind Power Drives

PO210: Influence of stiffening rings on the load distribution of pitch bearings

Amin Loriemi

Scientific Assistant, Chair for Wind Power Drives, RWTH Aachen University

PO214: Enhanced Added System Damping Evaluated by Full-Scale Wind Turbine Testing

Mads Damgaard

Specialist, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

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