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When: Wednesday, 27 November 2019, 15:30 - 16:15
Where: Auditorium Foyer


PO001: Model testing of a multi-use North Sea farm; combining offshore wind turbines with floating solar panels and seaweed farming.

Floor Spaargaren

Project Manager, MARIN - Maritime Research Institute Netherlands

PO006: A framework for Early Contractor Involvement in offshore wind

Willems Willems

Managing Director, Vuentica

PO011: The Portuguese offshore energy cluster

Ana Pego

Researcher, Nova University

PO012: Past, present and future conditions for Marine Spatial Planning

Raúl Guanche García

Head of the Offshore Engineering and Ocean Energy Group, Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria (IHCantabria)

PO014: Multi-sensor detection systems pave the way for automated monitoring of bird behaviour in offshore wind farms

Henrik Skov

Senior Ecologist, DHI

PO015: Ice load portal for preliminary design of offshore wind turbines in the Gulf of Bothnia - case studies

Jaakko Heinonen

Principal Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

PO022: Design considerations for an articulated floating platform for offshore wind

Moti Keinan

Mechanical Engineer , RED

PO024: Systems Engineering for floating wind: Developing tools for integrated design and optimization

Frank Lemmer

Research Associate, University of Stuttgart (SWE)

PO025: BlueSATH Project: 10MW Scaled Prototype Deployment in the Cantabrian Sea using innovative SATH Floating Wind Technology

David Carrascosa

CTO, Saitec Offshore Technologies

PO026: Edgewise Vibration Control of Spar-Type Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Tower using SMA based Nonlinear TMD

Arunasis Chakraborty

Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati


David Melo

Master Student, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte

PO032: Operations and maintenance modelling of floating hybrid systems

Anthony Gray

Techno-Economic Analyst, ORE Catapult

PO033: Meeting developer needs to deliver commercial scale floating wind: lessons from the oil and gas sector.

Lara Juergens

Senior Energy Analyst , EIC - Energy Industries Council

PO035: Transitioning from oil and gas to renewable energy - an invaluable guide for SME's

Greg Campbell-Smith

Director, First Subsea

PO040: Model predictive control of floating offshore wind turbine-generator systems based on preview of wind speed and wave height

Tetsuya Wakui

Associate Professor, Osaka Prefecture University

PO046: Hydro-pneumatic energy storage: a tailored solution for floating offshore wind

Daniel Buhagiar

Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Malta

PO047: Tremendously Increasing the Wind Energy Efficiency - The Key to Hydrogen replacing Fossils

Adrian Rapas


PO049: Subsea cable management: Failure trending for offshore wind

Charlotte Strang-Moran

Electrical Engineer, ORE Catapult

PO050: DC vs AC, the battle continues

Thomas Worzyk

Senior Principal Engineer, NKT HV Cables

PO053: Kriegers Flak offshore wind – export cable installation

Kent Cronholm

Senior Installation Engineer, NKT HV Cables

PO057: Current status and opportunities to be a major power source toward 2030 for offshore wind in Japan

Shota Ichimura

Senior Researcher, Renewable Energy Institute

PO058: North Sea region energy system towards 2050: offshore grid and sector coupling drive offshore wind installations

Matti Koivisto

Researcher, DTU Wind Energy

PO067: Digital Twin – Supporting next level O&M Services

Steven Vettermann

Senior Consultant, PROSTEP AG

PO078: Hydrodynamic simulations for CTVs in transit. SPOWTT: improving the safety and productivy of offshore wind technician transit

Erik-Jan De Ridder

Teamleader RENT, MARIN - Maritime Research Institute Netherlands

PO079: Leveraging accurate sea state data to enhance efficiency, mitigate risk and improve safety in offshore wind

Erik Salo

Research Associate, Miros


Ludovico Terzi

Technology Manager, Renvico srl

PO081: Project logistics control centers. How much technology to be successful?

Petrus Bouwhuis

President & CEO, XELLZ B.V.


Søren Find Madsen

Manager, Principal Engineer, PolyTech A/S

PO090: Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Offshore Wind Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

Mahmood Shafiee

Associate Professor (O&M), Cranfield University

PO092: Continuous monitoring of the burial depth of submarine power cables

Manly Callewaert


PO097: Blade defect forecasting for the wind industry

Anders Røpke

CEO, Wind Power LAB

PO098: Modelling and Optimising Offshore Wind Levelised Cost of Energy Based on Reliability and Maintenance Improvements

Cuong Dao

Research Associate, Durham University

PO100: Floating installation on dynamic positioning of a 4m monopile using a combined vibro, lifting and upending tool

Robert Hasselaar

Engineer, DOT Power BV

PO103: Availability analysis for different offshore wind farm electrical connection topologies

Xiangyu Li

Post-doc Research Associate, Durham University

PO104: Crew transfer vessel choice optimization based on yield-based availability of an offshore wind farm

Jorrit-Jan Serraris

Senior Project Manager, MARIN - Maritime Research Institute Netherlands

PO107: Wind profile usage in wind farm installation campaign simulations

Charlotte Obhrai

Associate Professor, University of Stavanger

PO108: Summary of the Gravity based wind turbine foundation joint industry project(GBS WIND JIP)

Erik-Jan De Ridder

Teamleader RENT, MARIN - Maritime Research Institute Netherlands

PO111: Quality Assurance with Drones for On- and Offshore Wind Turbines

Robert Hörmann

CEO/CTO, Aero Enterprise

PO113: Off-grid dehumidifier solution for protecting transition pieces against the affects of salt and moist air

Thomas Rønnow

CEO, Cotes A/S

PO115: ATOMS: a game-changer system for offshore wind large corrective maintenance. Bringing onshore means to the sea.

José Serna

CTO, Esteyco

PO119: Drivetrain fault detection of multi-megawatt offshore wind turbines by statistical learning

Farid Khazaeli Moghadam

PhD Candidate, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

PO126: Windcube classification: toward 0% standard uncertainty

Paul Mazoyer

Application Engineer, Leosphere

PO130: Understanding remote sensor calibration uncertainties. The case of a nacelle-mounted pulsed LiDAR

Julien Tissot

Application Engineer, Leosphere

PO135: The influence of a nacelle based anemometer wind speed on the power curve evaluation

Anna Wegner

Research Assistant, Fraunhofer IWES

PO136: Train²Wind, or how large is an infinite wind farm?

Gregor Giebel

Senior Researcher, DTU Wind Energy


Gregor Giebel

Senior Researcher, DTU Wind Energy

PO152: Coastal wind measurements using a dual scanning LiDAR system

Susumu Shimada

Researcher, AIST

PO157: Hub-height wind resource estimation based on year-round met mast and short-term LiDAR observations

Takumi Tsuji

Graduate Student, Kobe University

PO158: Upper-level wind resource assessment over Japan for airborne wind turbines

Ikui Lin

Student, Kobe University

PO175: Impact and pushover analysis for jacket wind turbine foundation

Dong Ma

Engineer, Mingyang Smart energy

PO178: An overview of in-situ monitoring results on site specific damping for closing the feedback-loop between measurements and design of bottom fixed foundations.

Christof Devriendt

Scientific Coordinator OWI-lab, OWI-lab/ Vrije Universiteit Brussel

PO179: Monopile lateral pile-soil interaction calibration from longterm in-situ monitoring data

Bruno Stuyts

Researcher, OWI-lab / Vrije Universiteit Brussel

PO181: Installation of MP’s with Vibratory Hammers reduces installation time significantly

Martijn Schols

Director Sales International, Dieseko Group b.v.

PO187: Investigation of pitting in steel below the corrosion layer from decommissioned suction bucket using X-ray tomography

Søren Fæster

Senior Researcher, DTU Wind Energy

PO188: Characterisation of the Offshore Precipitation Environment to Help Combat Leading Edge Erosion in Wind Turbine Blades

Robbie Herring

EngD Student, ORE Catapult

PO190: Case study of pitch bearing performance review under individual pitch control based on SCADA data from 7MW turbine

Wooyong Song

Senior Research Engineer, Bearing, ORE Catapult

PO192: Constructing fast and accurate analytical models for main-bearings in wind turbines

James Stirling

PhD Student, University of Strathclyde

PO193: Mitigating extreme loads on turbines during grid loss

Konstanze Kölle

Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research AS

PO194: Developing Blade Leading Edge Protection (LEP) Systems

Kirsten Dyer

Senior Research Engineer, Materials, ORE Catapult

PO196: On motion reduction control of offshore wind turbine by using multiple tuned liquid dampers

Bang-Fuh Chen

Professor, National Sun Yat-sen University

PO197: Leading edge erosion the state of the art research results

Charlotte Hasager

Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

PO207: An Approach of Analyzing SCADA Data without Operating Status Applied on Turbine Performance Assessment

Pengyun Ji

Wind Resource Development Engineer, Shanghai Chiheng New Energy Co.,Ltd

PO209: Field demonstration of integral load measurements tailored to advanced offshore wind turbine blades

Nora Denecke

Head of Department Field Measurements, Fraunhofer IWES

PO213: Quick Wind Turbine Load Evaluation Based on a Linear Model

Georg Raimund Pirrung

Researcher, DTU Wind Energy

PO217: Limitations of legacy certification standards and potential benefits of new standards demonstrated on a representative 100m blade

Christopher Harrison

Principal Engineer, DNV GL

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