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Position papers

WindEurope contribution to the EC Strategy for Smart Sector Integration

WindEurope welcomes the opportunity to provide comments to the European Commission on the its Smart Sector Integration Strategy.Renewable-based electrification is the most cost-effective approach to reach climate neutrality by 2050. The direct use of this renewable electricity whenever is available and wherever is possible, across all sectors of the economy (especially in the easy-to-abate-sectors), should be prioritised. Renewable electricity should be used to produce zero-carbon gases and fuels, only where necessary, in activities which cannot reduce CO2 emissions otherwise (e.g. the hard-to-abate sectors).
It would be an important strategy to deliver decarbonisation and other important objectives pursued in energy policy such as security of supply and affordability. One of the major enablers of sector coupling is the conversion of power-to-gas.

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