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COst REduction and increase performance of floating WIND technology

The COREWIND project aims to achieve significant cost reductions and enhance performance of floating wind technology through the research and optimization of mooring and anchoring systems and dynamic cables.

Corewind activities has received funding from H2020-EU.3.3.2.
Low-cost, low-carbon energy supply under Grant agreement 815083

Special focus is given to develop and validate innovative solutions to improve installation techniques and operation and maintenance (O&M) activities.

COREWIND aims to strength the European Leadership on wind power technology (and specially floating).

To do so, the project consortium has been designed to ensure proper collaboration between all stakeholders (users, developers, suppliers, academia, etc.) which is essential to accelerate commercialization of the innovations carried out in the project.

Funded by H2020.

Running time: 1 September 2019 – 28 February 2023

WINDEUROPE is a project partner

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