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Global Wind Day 2018: celebrating the local impact of wind energy around the world

We are living in a time of rapid transition: the world is moving from the era of fossil fuel-based energy towards an increasingly decarbonised energy supply. The renewables-based electrification of three sectors – transport, heating and cooling, and industrial processes – is set to revolutionise the world’s energy mix. Europe – the historical hub of wind energy – is exporting its wind energy know-how and technology, with new markets emerging across Africa, Asia and Latin America and a solid pipeline of wind projects lined up in previously quiet regions.

But the energy transition is not just about changing the energy mix: it is also about transforming communities. “Wind energy is good for the environment and the economy, bringing clean energy and jobs to local communities all over the world,” says Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope. The wind industry brings new jobs and investment to areas where traditional industries (shipbuilding, coal regions, etc.) have declined. Households, as well as industrial and commercial energy consumers, all stand to benefit from embracing the clean power sourced from wind farms.

Taking place on Friday, 15 June, Global Wind Day is a worldwide event to celebrating the success of wind energy. Organised by WindEurope and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), Global Wind Day also gives members of the public the chance to participate in the wind energy success story via the annual photo competition.

The Global Wind Day photo competition offers major cash prizes to participants. The theme of the competition is WindVision, and aims to draw the attention of the public and policymakers to the power wind energy holds to alleviate many social, economic and environmental challenges. “Wind power generates lots of clean energy, but it also generates some amazing images,” says Steve Sawyer, Secretary General of GWEC. “The powerful sweep and majesty of the turbines themselves, as well as the awesome panoramas from atop a nacelle, provides both inspiration and determination to fight for a clean energy future.”

Each of the three photo categories comes with a prize of €1,000:

Local impact: photos should show how wind energy has benefitted your community
Boosting economies: photos should represent people working in the industry, factories or in wind installation.
Visionary wind: photos should show wind energy working in harmony with nature.

WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson says, “The Global Wind Day photo competition is a great initiative to highlight how wind energy is providing people with a cleaner future, today.”

Share your #WindVision with the world, and join the worldwide celebration of wind on June 15!

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