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WindEurope replied to the EU consultation on the long-term decarbonisation strategy

In its 2050 roadmap towards a net-zero emissions strategy, the European Union should consider renewable-based electrification of all energy uses as the key driver for decarbonization. By 2050, 90% of all Europe’s energy-related greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) can be avoided by reaching 62% share of electricity in the energy uses including transport, heating and cooling and industrial processes. Out of this 62%, 78% of electricity would come from renewables and particularly from wind energy, that will play a pivotal role in this transformation.

Our latest report, Breaking New Ground, looks into this scenario and served as a basis to formulate our official response to the public consultation launched by the European Commission in July. This consultation, that closed last Tuesday 9 October, aims at gathering the views of civil society and interest groups on what should be the medium- to long-term strategy of the EU to fight climate change.

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