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Aqovia UK Ltd.OtherUnited Kingdom

Aqovia UK Ltd.


Founded in 2008 as a joint venture with Cable and Wireless, Aqovia has grown to be a leader in the digital solutions space. We use our extensive experience and proven track record in Business Transformation, Systems Integration and Software Development to deliver long-term, innovative solutions spanning telecoms, technology, media, education and finance. Our clients range from small to medium organisations and government departments, through to multi-billion dollar brands, all based across the UK, Europe and Asia.


Onshore Bottom-fixed offshore Floating offshore Computer software, IoT and communications Electrical Market & Business Analysis Wind forecast/Resource Assessment Data Analysis Wind energy association Other association Banks Investment funds Power exchange Legal services Construction Foundations - install. Transportation Infrastructure Decommissioning Operations & Maintenance Project Developer/Operator R&D/University/Institute Utility/Power Generation/Energy Company





EEX Group provides the market platform for energy and commodity products for participants in more than 30 countries worldwide. The offering of the group comprises contracts for Energy, Environmentals, Freight, Metals and Agriculturals. With high specialisation and local presence in their core markets, the companies of EEX Group answer to the needs of their customers for tailor-made solutions and easy market access. The synergetic, integrated group portfolio is completed by two clearing houses which ensure proper clearing and settlement of trading transactions. EEX Group consists of the following companies: European Energy Exchange (EEX), the European Power Exchange (EPEX SPOT), Powernext, Cleartrade Exchange, Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE), Gaspoint Nordic, Nodal Exchange and the clearing companies European Commodity Clearing (ECC) and Nodal Clear. EEX Group is based in 16 worldwide locations and is part of Deutsche Börse Group.


Power exchange


HEXICON ABInstallation/LogisticsSweden



Hexicon is a Swedish design and engineering house developing floating multi-turbine platforms. Our patented technology enables the platform to align with the wind direction maximising energy yield from free wind for its turbines. This enables efficient harvesting of the best offshore energy resources further offshore in deeper waters.


Floating offshore Power exchange Cranes Accommodation



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