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A statement from the offshore wind ports

This document, developed by WindEurope’s Ports Platform, serves to start the discussion on ‘What does it take to be an offshore wind port?’, with messages to industry and policy makers alike on the challenges and opportunities that face existing and upcoming offshore wind ports over the coming years. It aims to be a first step to improving the two-way communication between ports and industry and demonstrates the value of ports towards cost reduction.

The offshore wind industry is a rapidly growing and maturing market. In an industry that grows rapidly in volume of projects and technology dimensions, ports play a unique role and are growing their businesses to support cost reduction and efficiency. Ports are continuously adapting their infrastructure to cater for ever larger components, bigger vessels and increased number of activities. The ability to provide adequate infrastructure, as well as superior services, is now key to the entire value chain of offshore wind.

Ports are becoming the focal point in local and regional development. They offer testing facilities, training centres and hosting warehouses, as well as offices and operation centres for manufacturers, developers and the supply chain. Their services are required over the entire life-cycle of assets, from installation to operation and maintenance (O&M) and decommissioning. Ports are the natural centre of industrial activity and development, gathering knowledge, labour and capital for the offshore wind sector.

Early involvement of ports in the planning phase of projects should take priority for the entire offshore wind industry. It would ensure that industry profits from the best value that ports can bring, making them strategic partners in delivering increased value to customers, governments and society in general.

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