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Welcome to Brussels

Welcome to Brussels!

Life in Europe’s capital can be pretty interesting, right?

But it’s even more interesting when you know people who can help you navigate this wonderful city.

We’re a team of 55 people, coming from 26 different countries. There are 13 different languages spoken in our office, and we come from many different cultural backgrounds. But there’s one thing that is common to all of us: we’re passionate about the energy transition and the role wind energy plays in the Europe’s energy mix.

Wind now meets 14% of the EU’s power demand and much more in many countries: Denmark 41%; Ireland 28%; Portugal 24%; Germany 21%; Spain 19%. And it’s already on course to be Europe’s no. 1 source of power generation by 2027. Onshore wind is the cheapest form of new power generation today. Offshore wind is the second-cheapest.

And wind is a local resource that brings local residents lots of benefits: from new jobs and infrastructure; from the taxes wind farms pay the local council; and from the growing practice of community ownership. An overwhelming majority of people living close to wind farms are happy to do so (check out this new study by Greenpeace Energy).

There are many more facts and figures we can tell you about wind. Just click the button below to see who you want to talk to. Check out the map underneath to see some of our favorite places in town, where you can meet us for a chat about how we can deliver a greener Europe. And scroll to the bottom to read some reports we think may interest you!

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Brussels guide

There are so many great restaurants, bars, parks and more in Brussels. Here are just a few of our recommendations.
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