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WindEurope’s position paper on Renewable hydrogen

The EU has prioritised renewable hydrogen as part of REPowerEU, its energy response to the Ukraine war. REPowerEU sets a target of 20 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen to be consumed in the EU by 2030, half of which would be produced domestically.

To deliver on these ambitions, the EU must set a clear and actionable definition of renewable hydrogen, guarantee a level playing field between domestic production and imports, target the right end uses (aviation, shipping, parts of industry), and develop and finance infrastructure accordingly. This is key to scaling up renewable hydrogen towards competitiveness this decade.

The following position paper recaps WindEurope’s renewable hydrogen-related positions on the Renewable Energy Directive, the Delegated Act on Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin, the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, and the ‘gas package’.

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