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WindEurope’s position on grid forming capabilities

With the increasing share of variable renewable energy, power system stability challenges are evolving and discussions to address them are gathering momentum. Large rotating generators such as fossil-fuel based generation, nuclear and hydropower inherently provide inertia. However, the EU Green Deal and REPowerEU set the EU target for deployment of renewable energy up to 45% by 2030. This means that converter-based renewable energy generators such as wind and solar PV will have to displace a large share of synchronous generators in operation today. With larger share of variable renewables, general system stability measures are needed to uphold secure operation of the power system. Converter-based generators may be able to contribute to system inertia and maintain system stability by acquiring certain advanced capabilities called grid forming.

This position paper suggests a framework on how these grid-forming capabilities should be defined, developed, and funded. It is structured in three parts: recommendations for the technical framework, market design aspects and necessary regulatory changes.

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