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WindEurope response to the future content and implementation of the LIFE programme (2021-2027)

WindEurope welcomes the inclusion of market uptake activities, currently funded under the Energy Challenge of Horizon 2020, to continue under the LIFE programme, in a Clean Energy Transition sub-programme.

However, we are concerned that the proposed changes to the funding rules will prevent important stakeholders from participating in cross-border EU market uptake projects. We believe the ideal LIFE programme would have the breadth of the 2007-2013 Intelligent Energy Europe Programme and the co-financing rates and efficient online procedures of the ‘Horizon’ programmes (2014-2020 and 2021-2027).

Regarding co-financing rates, those of the next generation LIFE risk being substantially lower compared to those of Horizon which offers 100% of direct costs plus 25% to cover indirect costs. Under LIFE 2021-2027 beneficiaries would only be eligible to a co-financing rate of 60% for direct costs and 7% for indirect costs. That means they would have to find the additional 40% from other sources. If this materializes, participation in future Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs) would become financially unattractive (or even unviable) unless the CSA topic perfectly aligns with the pre-existing strategies of the individual partners in the consortium.

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