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Hine RenovablesComponent/Materials/Equipment manufacturerSpain

Hine Renovables


Founded in 1974, Hine is a leading supplier of hydraulic systems, hydraulic components, and cooling systems for industrial and renewable energy companies. The company’s in-house engineering team, extensive R&D portfolio, and global manufacturing capabilities deliver competitive hydraulic solutions to customers worldwide. Seven production sites—in China, Spain, U.S., Brazil, and India—enable fast, reliable solution delivery so clients can accelerate project readiness. From production through post-sales support, Hine Group provides a comprehensive package of hydraulic products and services designed to give our customers a rapid response and outstanding service.


Brake Systems Cables and Accessories Control Systems Gearboxes Pitch Systems Screws / Bolts Yaw Systems


Scottish Development InternationalPublic authoritiesUnited Kingdom
Svendborg Brakes Component/Materials/Equipment manufacturerDenmark

Svendborg Brakes


Svendborg Brakes' commitment is to deliver intelligent braking systems to the world’s wind turbines. As part of that commitment we must know everything about the materials the metals the brake linings and their behaviour. We must earn our customers' respect by having integrity in our efforts – know the needs of your customers.


Onshore Bottom-fixed offshore Floating offshore Certification/Classification Body Brake Systems Control Systems Yaw Systems Training Operations & Maintenance



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